How to Hack Facebook, Twitter, Gmail Using KeyLogger [Kali Linux – BeeLogger]

How to Hack Facebook, Twitter, Gmail Using KeyLogger [Kali Linux – BeeLogger]

Hacking- Hacking is an operation targeted at disrupting digital technologies like laptops, iPhones, tablets, and even networks. And, while hacking might not necessarily be for malicious reasons, today it is characterized by most hackers as illegal practices by cyber security — driven by financial benefit, outrage, information gathering (spying), and sometimes even for the “joy” of the game.


In general, it’s right, if not all malware and malicious cyber attacks on computers, companies and governments, to describe hacking as a big paragraph behind the operation. Common hacking techniques to hack Facebook, Twitter, Gmail also include social engineering and malvertising, some are-

  • Botnets
  • Browser hijacks
  • Denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Rootkits
  • Trojans
  • Viruses
  • Worms

Here we will discuss the hacking of social sites like Hack Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. using Beelogger

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Hacking Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Using KeyLogger [Kali Linux – BeeLogger]

Let’s Start with the following steps to hack Facebook,Gmail,Twitter Using KeyLogger-

Step 1- By operating below command in the terminal window of Kali Linux You need to download BeeLogger.

kali Linux 1

git clone 

Step 2- After installing it, Now type: cd BeeLogger to configure, then enter ls to see what’s in the tab.

Now you can quickly run this application, which offers the ./ command, and press Enter.

kali Linux 2

Step 3- This command is going to install things. It should run all sorts of wine, python and pywin32. It takes a lot of time to do that, but it is easy.

kali Linux 3

Step 4- Click Next

kali Linux 4

Step 5- Click Next

kali Linux 5

Step 6- Now the script can be run! Sign in to do this

Then there’s a picture of a bee and click enter.

kali Linux 6

Step 7- Now type K  to generate Keylogger.

kali Linux 7

Step 8- Type 2 for fake word docx(it ‘s helping you to select a file format for output).

kali Linux 8

Step 9- Type your mail credentials clearly into the security alerts.

kali Linux 9

Step 10- Check your above credentials, and hit Y and Enter.

kali Linux 10

Step 11- The Beelogger is generated under the location of the outcome file of Keylogger in /dist/ folder.

kali Linux 11

Using social media tactics to give it to the target. You will receive keystrokes when your victim opens the Email Id. When you enter it.

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