How to Install Beelogger For Windows in Kali Linux?

How to Install Beelogger For Windows in Kali Linux?

What is Beelogger?

Beelogger- It is building a Windows Keylogger 10 Kali Linux. There has been a mistake. This will use a strong tool called Beelogger to generate a fake adobe flash update, fake word, false pdf, fake pptx that are basically window keyloggers. We are using this tool. This tool gives the subject of social engineering additional energy.


Beelogeer is an open-source e-mail keylogger. Always thought how you could get someone you can’t do with a payload and listener from your network, then the only way to spy on your credentials is by putting them into a keylogger and paying most of the on-line keyloggers that are accessed via remote keypad. However, if you have a Linux or Mac OS system, you can create an email keylogger with Beelogger free of charge.

How to Install Beelogger in Kali Linux?

Step 1- Set up your Kali Linux computer and ensure that you have good internet access. We will now download Github’s beelogger tool. The tool will download and set up other packages, for example, wine32, python, automatically.

Now the beelogger tool will be installed. Open the terminal one by one and follow the commands-

⏩ cd Desktop ⏩ git clone
⏩ cd BeeLogger
⏩ ls

Now you have downloaded bash script correctly if you see it. To begin the final installation, we need this file. Just type the ./ command and enter the hit. Now the download of further dependencies needed to operate the tool begins. Just read the list and start the dependency installation process.
Kali Linux

If popups like Python Hook, Pywin and Wine32 just click next and finish. If they are installed then they are called. Nothing has to be set, but when you are a pro, you can adjust the setup, but you can’t.linuxKali Linux Tutorial

Step 2- Close the terminal now and open a new terminal, since the previous terminal can have a problem after Py Hook is installed.

In the new terminal type and follow the commands one by one-

⏩ cd desktop ⏩ cd BeeLogger ⏩ ls ⏩ python

You have successfully activated the beelogger application without an error after accessing the python script when you see a logo as the following screenshot.Kali Linux Tutorial 1

Step 3- Click Enter to move ahead as it says. It also warns you not to use it for illegal reasons or not.  follow the alert. You are responsible for damages of  any kind .They don’t.

You will then [K] Create keylogger and [U] Upgrade tool or [Q] Exit the program. The following options will be presented. Only press K and enter to get access to the various keylogger forms.

One of the six choices for social engineering, i.e., Adobe Flash Update is maybe the best one.

The second choice is very persuasive to build false word docx and the third alternative isn’t so good, because it produces .exe file format and computer experts can quickly see that.

Kali Linux Tutorial-2

Quite compelling are the other 4 and 5 choices. If you want to crack someone who is a tech professional, you can use anything but 3 and 6.

Step 4- The device has to provide a Gmail address to submit the logs taken from the computer of the survivor. A separate Email is required as the Keylogger manages the Gmail account.

Create a new Gmail account and go to the link by clicking here to access less secure apps, where the less secure applications option must be disabled. This step will allow Keylogger to manage the Keylogs in complete control of your Gmail account.

Kali Linux Tutorial-3

So now we are gonna generate a Key Logger by choosing option 1 i.e Adobe Flash Update.

  • Type your Gmail and your password for the logs
  • You will ask if or not the information you gave. Enter Y form and enter
  • The keylogger is generated in a couple of minutes
  • It is stored in the BeeLogger / distant position upon completion.

Final words-

This tutorial is for training purposes only. Do not use it without the permission of the owner on another house. Without permission from the owner, it is purely illegal to do anything. We are not responsible for harm of any sort.

If you have enjoyed the tutorial and if you have issues with the installation or use of this app, please leave a comment below to explain your issue. We still have our people here for you. Get a ride and don’t get trapped safely.

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