How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free

How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free

For everyone, you can download Windows 10 ISO files. Microsoft includes an ISO file for users to download and clean Windows update/upgrade without problems. Microsoft has many ways in which Windows can be downloaded and installed. In this post, we’ll talk about several forms within the depth.

In the form of an ISO file, the Windows 10 setup comes. An ISO is a file containing all the installation media of Windows 10. The ISO file can be burned to make the drive bootable on a USB drive or DVD drive. You can also remove the ISO file material from the extracted files and install Windows. It, however, limits the ability to clean up the OS. You can only install the OS without the primary C drive being installed.

Two kinds of ISO files are available. One is a standard Windows 10 ISO file that includes all Windows consumer editions such as Home, Pro etc. The company version of Windows is the second type of ISO. Based on your requirements the Windows 10 ISO can be downloaded.

Microsoft Windows 10 Download

The free Windows 10 upgrade offer has been completed by Microsoft already. But if you still want Windows 10 without spending money, try this way.

  1. Open Microsoft support website.
  2. Now, press the button Download tool.
  3. To start an onsite update procedure, double click on the MediaCreationTool1903.exe file.
  4. To agree to the terms, press the Accept button.
  5. Choose this PC option to upgrade creation tool upgrade 1903 jan 2020 update
  6. To agree to the notice and license terms, press the Accept button again. 
  7. Confirm the “Keep personal files and apps” option is selected.ready install keep files apps windows jan 2020 update

Quick tip: if you have not selected an option, please click the Change link for preserving your settings, configurations and post-update files.

8. Click the Install button.

Once these steps are complete, Windows 10, version 1903, will be installed on your desktop, laptop, or tablet without missing your programs, settings, and personal files.

If no of these methods works, consider creating a bootable USB flash drive with the Media Creation Tool, which you can use for fresh Windows 10 installations with recent features and modifications.


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