How to Fix Chromecast Not Casting Issue? Step by Step

How to Fix Chromecast Not Casting Issue? Step by Step

Entertainment plays an important role in daily life! People use multiple types of equipment to entertain themselves, such as a music player, television. One such helpful device that if the Chromecast can be used for entertainment purposes. but we face Chromecast Not Casting issue many times.

Google Chrome is one of the most common wireless streaming devices that enable consumers to watch and play HD videos on their TV. Sometimes it stopped working when you link your Chromecast to your TV. This Chromecast Not Casting problem has been revealed by so many customers. We’re going to discuss how to solve this issue of Chromecast Not Casting here in this cast not working issue

All you need to do to use this device is to attach it to your TV set and then connect it to your WiFi smartphone. You can watch any video operating on your smartphone, on your TV set, once the link is formed.

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Because this is an electrical device, while it works, it is bound to face problems. You can readily solve the problem unless there is a hardware problem. There are a few easy techniques you can attempt on your own, which will immediately solve the problem of not operating chrome cast!

chrome cast

There are several reasons why Chromecast Stopped to work or not to connect to a WiFi network. Anyone or a combination of these could be the cog on your wireless wheels, simple fixes. If they don’t operate, you may have a defective unit and may want to go back to the store.

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Chromecasts are a great complement to any scheme of home entertainment. You can stream content from Netflix, Hulu, or even just duplicate your smartphone from Android. At least when all work properly. It can be a frustrating experience when your Chromecast doesn’t work that kills your viewing party.

If the issues proceed, consider finding another solution to the problem. My issue came from the one I had before. The issue will be fixed after that moment. If you are facing exactly the same problem, consider switching to an earlier software version until you find one that works smoothly. Consider setting up another user account admin to see if the precise issue remains.

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There are 7 ways which you have to follow so that you can solve out your chrome cast not working issue. These are :

  1. Restart your chrome cast device.
  2. Check WiFi connectivity.
  3. Check your WiFi frequency.
  4. Reboot your device (Computer or smartphone )
  5. Check Chrome browser is updated or not.
  6. Factory Reset your chrome browser.
  7. Turning off or blackout your chrome cast.

Now we will discuss them one by one which is to be as follows as:-

1. Restart your chrome cast device.

The first thing to try when your Chromecast doesn’t work is to reboot the device. The simplest route is to unplug it and wait a couple of minutes and then connect it back is the tried and true method.

restart device

Treat yourself to a cast on your phone for a couple of minutes. This will more often than not solve the problem then move on to the next step if your Chromecast is still not functioning.

2. Check WiFi connectivity.

Often when your smartphone, apps, or other connected devices don’t work, it’s down to your router. If your Chromecast doesn’t work, just because it works on one device doesn’t rule it out.

Your router’s rapid power cycle should eliminate any prospective problems. Simply unplug and plug your router back in for a couple of minutes. Try your link again once your router has booted.

The place of the Chromecast behind your television is another prospective source of bad communication. The unit is beautifully tucked away, but Wi-Fi juice may not be enough to stream your favorite films.

Try linking the HDMI extender included in the cabinet and physically dividing your Chromecast from your television if your Wi-Fi is okay and you still have problems. You have the additional choice to connect an ethernet cable to the power brick if you have a Chromecast Ultra.

3. Check your WiFi frequency.

Check the frequency between 2.4GHz and 5GHz of your WiFi scheme. Chromecast only works between these frequencies via WiFi! If your WiFi scheme does not fit between these frequencies, there is nothing you can do except to replace the 2.4Ghz to 5GHz WiFi scheme. Most WiFi devices operate at frequencies between 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which means that this technique is scarcely used.

4. Reboot your device (Computer or smartphone)

As always, with a fast reboot, many issues are fixed. Whether you cast from your mobile, tablet, or laptop, the doctor has instructed a fast reboot.

reboot device

If Chromecast doesn’t work yet, migrate on to the next fix on the list after a new reboot.

5. Check Chrome browser is updated or not.

Usually, if you cast from your desktop, a newer version of Chrome may be accessible. This can stop your Chromecast running or stop the casting key from appearing on different pages. Follow the following measures to verify.

Google chrome is updated with the help of following steps-

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. In the top right click the More symbol (three points).
  3. Click on Update button of Google Chrome (if you’re on the most recent version, the button won’t appear).
  4. Click Relaunch

6. Factory Reset your chrome browser.

Sometimes this problem is a headache and Factory Reset is the only option remaining. All you need to do to reset the Chromecast is hold down the button (near power) for a few seconds until the power is blinded. You will automatically reboot your Chromecast phone, which will resolve the Chromecast Not Casting the problem.

factory reset

7. Turning off or blackout your chrome cast.

This is a niche problem more than the above. The problem is likely due to its availability of energy when your Chromecast abruptly turns off, blacking out periodically or restarting regularly.

blackout chrome cast

Chromecasts have a USB cable in the cabinet, and many TV stations are conveniently situated beside HDMI harbors. Click here. It may appear as a cable-saving tool to connect the USB cable to your TV, but it can trigger energy problems.

You can avoid work for several purposes in your chrome cast. If your TV is turned off, the USB ports will be powered and re-started each moment you switch your TV off. Worse yet, cheaper TV sets may have volatile USB ports or poorly installed.

Remove this problem from your Chromecast USB cord and connect it to the provided wall charger. Try an old charger, or purchase a third-party charger if you don’t have the wall charger any longer.


These were some techniques that you could use when dealing with chromecast not casting issue when working with your chrome cast. Most of the problems can be corrected using the above techniques. Your chrome cast hardware is untouched, provided. You must consult a professional for a certain alternative if you see or know of any harm to hardware or if none of the measures above demonstrate helpfully

Please contact us in the remarks below when you have any questions concerning the above- stated measures or understand a better alternative that is not mentioned above.




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