How to Hack Instagram Account Using Instagram-py

How to Hack Instagram Account Using Instagram-py

Are you looking forward to learning how to hack Instagram? If so, you ‘re in the right place. In this article, I’ll try to cover all the topics. Don’t skip anything. Do all step by step as suggested by me.

Instagram hacked

I think everybody’s sick of seeing these brute forcing instagram and other social media. Sorry, but most of them are badly designed or work hard, and report the false results.

I am writing this post because I wanted to call out for everyone, what’s the true way to hack Instagram (At least to people who just want to know to hack…). I ask you to try this one time if you’ve done all your other posts about hacking Instagram (which is largely fake). You will know what true hacking is, I promise.

About Instagram?

Instagram is Facebook’s social media website. It was founded in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It first became available for iOS devices than for Android users after one year. Users will then post images and stories using multiple filters.

Users can navigate through tags to the trending content. We are also capable of interacting with different individuals around the world. With 1 million users in 2 months, 10 million in a year, and 800 million by September 2017, Instagram gains popularity very rapidly.

About Instagram -Py?

Instagram-Py is a Linux-only python script!

When I first saw these reviews, I was shocking, because why would people even use such tools that don’t even follow a good base of code! I created a script on Instagram-Py after I saw those badly implemented or false brute force scripts which people actually used? Okay, there are a lot of people using these devices, where just noobs (No offense) did, when I began to practice hacking (Trust Me, I was too stupid, and underestimated those devices!

Steps to hack Instagram by using Instagram -Py

Step 1 – First of all you have a Kali Linux in your system or device for hacking stuff.

You will easily boot live to Kali Linux when the default operating system is windows, without downloading it on the device. To boot live, you need a hard drive with a storage capacity of at least 8GB (for smooth running!).

Follow the instructions below for making a bootable flash drive in order to boot live Kali Linux. (On How to boot Kali Linux from Windows, you can also find on Google.

Create Windows Bootable Flash Drive!

  • Here is the latest Kali Linux ISO Image Download the CPU-corresponding version
  • Download Rufus from here, to make the flash bootable.
  • Now Run Rufus
  • In Rufus, select your flash drive as a device.
  • For partition device and target system sort, select MBR (if not choose the default).
  • Now give any label you like to your latest Volume Tag.
  • From the drop-down list close to the Disk Icon, select ISO Image.
  • Now, please click the Disk Icon to navigate to your computer for Kali Linux ISO Image.
  • Click the Start button to start the cycle after selecting the ISO file!
  • Once you have finished, you must now have a bootable flash drive to boot live with you. See the image below

    bootable flashdrive

Remove your flash drive now and shut off your computer safely. Plug in the flash drive and then restart your PC. When you see Kali Linux Splash Screen, select Live Boot from a menu. You will now boot and prepare Kali Linux for doing something.

Note: You have to allow Boot from USB on certain devices to use a bootable Flash Drive, so please ensure it is enabled from your boot menu.

Step 2- Now Install Instagram-Py from Python Package Index.

I would use apt-get package managers for this step as this was the default for Kali Linux, but for other package management companies such as Pacman and Dnf you can do the same.

Start and execute these commands with the new terminal in Kali Linux.

instagram py

Now it’s time to configure Instagram-Py installed successfully in Kali Linux.

Step 3- Instagram Py and Tor Server setup.

First let’s set up Tor Server, Tor is a private project, it covers absolutely the network traffic (no data use), not a proxy, since it can also be used for selling drugs (Heard about Dark Web, Tor network is known to help us communicate with Dark web, Tor server).

To modify the Kali Linux Tor Setup, execute this instruction.

Tor configuration 1

Find and delete only # from the same line for the line that looks the same, # ControlPort 9051.
Something like this would feel like …

Tor configuration 2

Let our new configuration launch our tor server.

Tor configuration 3

Now let Instagram-py setup, execute this command and you’ll get it all done!

Tor configuration 4

Please note that, if you use tor’s default settings, the default setting functions only.
Ok, execute the above order without the tor if you use a custom setup
Point —initial setup and answer a few basic queries.

All you have to do is scan for a target and initiate an assault.

Step 4- Strike execution!

It is the use in my console with Instagram-Py …

usage of instagram py

Execute this instruction in a terminal for a quick attack with a medium verbosity!

command to hack instagram

You launched an actual Instagram-Py assault on an Instagram page!

So guys, do you like my post. If you like my post and any queries related to the post then comment in below section

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