ExtraTorrent Proxy & ExtraTorrent Alternatives Sites [100% Working]

ExtraTorrent Proxy & ExtraTorrent Alternatives Sites [100% Working]

Is it blocked by Extratorrents? Can’t Extratorrents access? Looking for some of the best working Proxy / Mirror Extratorrents sites? If your answer to one of these questions is yes, today you’re in the right place. As I will provide you with the full Extratorrents Unblock Guide.

Extratorrents, the torrent lovers ‘ common name. Downloading free movies online was one of the oldest and largest torrent sites. This Giant torrent website provides access to magnets and torrent files for movies, apps, games, and other content. Through fresh product updates and a strong community, Extratorrent has achieved enormous success in its tenure over the 10 years.

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For access extra torrent, the best Proxy & Mirror ExtraTorrent Sites are free.Extratorrent.cc’s most popular and BitTorrent’s most critical program. We provide this torrent site with a natural way to use it.
Use this proxy site to download movies or TV shows or other videos.  Download proxy sites provide all kinds of videos that are easy to download without any limitations, such as films, TV shows, live streams, sports, apps, music or other videos.

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Extratorrent was next to The Pirate Bay the second most popular torrent platform in 2019. But the site owners officially shut down their main website extratorrent.cc in May 2017, to the shock, after a series of incidents. After that, the original was cloned by many torrent proxy sites. None of them lived for a long time, though.


Why we use Extra Torrents Proxy Sites?

If you need a list of all Extratorrents movies in one location, a proxy page is needed. The greatest of all because of the Extra Torrent. Currently Extratorrent.one, Extratorrents.cc, does not work with Extratorrents cd. Use the name of the website update Extratorrents 2019 from the list above.

How to Unblock Extratorrents

Today, accessing a blocked website is an easy problem. Because a disabled website has many kinds of great ways to access it. This way, using VPN, Web Proxy or Tor Browser is very fast and quite easy. Yah! Use these torrents proxy to access the Extratorrents unblock.

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1. VPN

VPN is one of the user groups ‘ most common Apk. A VPN, i.e. virtual private network, is one of the smartest ways of protecting your privacy online. You can also keep your data safe and secure. There are two VPN forms. Such as version 1.free and the other version is VPN version 2.paid. The Paid VPN provider provides you with Unlimited bandwidth, which lets you use a lot of high-speed network locations and great user interface. Several consumers are facing economic problems.

If you have an economic problem using paying VPN then there’s nothing to think about. You can use a VPN version free of charge. There are also drawbacks to these VPNs, such as low bandwidth, fewer network sites, and slow Internet speed. That’s a good experience as well.

Steps to use VPN:-

1 Step – Firstly you have to download VPN

2 Step –  Now you have to install VPN on your device

3 Step – Then Connect a location which is not blocked in Extra torrents

2. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is in no doubt the third simple and safe way to use the Internet. It is a browser that is entirely different from the standard internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. The initial IP address will be shielded behind the three or four Tor IP addresses while using this Tor browser. Which will match the IP? So this app is used by many hackers to search every website.

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From its official website or google play store, you can download it. The installation process will be slightly lower in this app when you download other apps in your PC / Laptop through your Internet speed.

3. Web Proxy

Simply entering the Internet is the second choice. This essentially works as a proxy for Extratorrents. It’s quite distinct from the method of using VPN, Web Proxy acts as a middleman. Once you reach the internet, your initial IP address will not be revealed. Browser Proxy is only for the client you are actually using.

For eg, without using a web proxy, you are visiting https:/wikitecher.com, so I can see where you are visiting my website from. What is your IP address, which platform and browser you are using? That I can watch you all the stuff.

But if you use the Internet proxy to use this same website, I can’t see this detail. Because you don’t use wikitecher.com you use the internet proxy in this situation. Now that web proxy asks to load the requested URL afterward into their own folder, it displays all the posts in your app. So nobody can keep track of your details

Top ExtraTorrent Proxy & Mirror Sites to Unblock ExtraTorrent(100% Working):-

You can still open the torrent site you want for the film to reach your streaming media needs. all the links below are extratorrents proxy sites to access extratorrents Sites.

Extratorrents Proxy/ Mirror
Website URL
extratorrents unblock
extratorrent unblocked
extratorrents asia
extratorrent proxy
extratorrents proxy
unblock extratorrents
extratorrent proxy
extratorrents proxy
extra torrent
extratorrent proxy
unblock extratorrents

Best Alternatives to Extratorrents Proxy sites

If the Extratorrent proxy sites mentioned above do not function properly, there is nothing to worry about. On the internet, there are many alternatives. I’ll send you a detailed article about the 2019 Extra Torrents Alternatives for those users who are having trouble looking for the famous torrent in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other website.


One of the most common networks sharing websites is the pirate bay. This is an international list of entertainment media and software’s digital content. The developer of this website is Tank Piratbyrån. This website was created in 2003. He’s a citizen of Sweden. The Pirate Bay requires users to scan for videos, magnet references, torrent files, and many other files and upload them.

2. LimeTorrents

It’s a decent alternative to ExtraTorrent. Would you think a new game is LimeTorrents? Then you should learn that it is the pirate industry’s oldest torrent. The website provides a large range of magnet links with an extensive list that can be used to search your preferred torrent. It is not the same as other alternatives to ExtraTorrent. It’s that special.

3. The pirate bay

One of the most common networks sharing websites is the pirate bay. This is an international list of entertainment media and software’s digital content. The developer of this website is Tank Piratbyrån. This website was created in 2003. He’s a citizen of Sweden. The Pirate Bay requires users to scan for videos, magnet references, torrent files, and many other files and upload them.

4. Popcorn Time

It’s a multi-platform era for popcorn. Tt, the server which contains an embedded media player, provides free software, BitTorrent. The apps offer a free option to the video streaming service dependent on subscriptions. Popcorn Time uses serial downloads to stream video from blocked websites via torrent. Your IP (Internet Protocol) can not be monitored by third-party trackers. It is safe to use this program.

5. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is another common torrent website, several torrents from different styles are hosted by IsoHunt. IsoHunt had to pay as a penalty $110M+ in 2003. Although she lost her legal battle with M.P.A.A., while IsoHunt was back with another domain name. After a while and still going strong after a short time. And if anyone on the internet is searching for the best ExtraTorrent solution, IsoHunt is for these users only the platform.


Few torrent sites figure out how ExtraTorrent can become as popular. While the first ExtraTorrent is no longer online, other excellent ExtraTorrent options give lots of high-quality content for file sharing enthusiasts from around the world.

Furthermore, there are unauthorized ExtraTorrent mirror pages, but you should be vigilant about those as many of them are found spreading ransomware, viruses, cryptocurrency mining software, and malicious applications.

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