Top 10 Free Ways to Convert Audio Files to Text

Top 10 Free Ways to Convert Audio Files to Text

What is a .MP3 File?

MP3 files are among the most popular types of audio files. An mp3 file can be opened by nearly every user on any platform. The format of the MP3 file is a compressed file format with a deliberate failure of sound performance. The loss for the typical consumer, however, should be negligible. The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) created it and utilizes audio compression ‘ Layer 3’.

The compression of audio maintains the sound within the hearing range of an ordinary human while discarding useless data outside that range. Usually, MP3 files are used to store music and audiobooks with’ near-CD quality noise’ (aka 16-bit Stereo), but the file volume is about 1/10th of the corresponding WAV or AIF file owing to the large compression algorithm. The performance of an MP3 file is mainly dependent on the bit rate of compression. Common levels of bits are 128, 160, 192 and 256 kbps. And greater bit levels lead to documents of greater performance which also take more disk storage.

What is a .txt File?

A text file (sometimes titled text file; an ancient alternate synonym is flat-file) is a type of computer file organized as an electronic text line series. There is a text file stored in a computer file system as data.

Best ways to easily convert audio files to text files

1. Inqscribe (Software)

InqScribe is one of the most sophisticated audio/video to text converter that operates with a single keystroke like a word processor and inserts documents. InqScribe is unable to generate your speech documents. You can access and transcribe video documents, but no editing instruments are available. The software is compatible with Unicode and promotes various languages. A variety of audio and video files can be transcribed using InqScribe, but you can not use the software as a translation instrument.


It can also transcribe and readily transform subtitled films or videos. You can even use InqScribe to enter time cards and analyze data. The instrument is very versatile and user-friendly and prevents providing as many transcription programs do complicated alternatives.

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2. Listen N Write (Software)

Listen N Write is a “free transcription software” that does not include complex options and provides the simplest interface to accomplish your job. It appears in a simple media player window, allowing you to pause and skip/rewind media files and adjust the playback speed to make typing easier and more comfortable. listen n write

listen n write

The tool supports MP3 and WAV files and, by generating the basic size for each output file, releases computer space. Listen N Write functions efficiently and offers all the alternatives for a transcription work or high school initiatives that are basically needed.

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3. HyperTRANSCRIBE (Software)

HyperTRANSCRIBE is a strong application for transcribing audio/video documents with simple keyboard checks. It promotes automatic looping and immediate keyboard orders that make your fingers easier and enjoyable for dictation-transcription. The instrument operates with most media formats including MP3, AVI, MPEG, MOV, and AIFF, as well as any formats that Apple QuickTime supports.HyperTRANSCRIBE

To maximize your typing and boost productivity, you can replay a media file or skip a specific part. HyperTRANSCRIBE does not involve pedals or any other machinery; instead, it offers you with simple keyboard shortcuts and it is possible to play and type both from a single window.

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4. Bear File Converter (Online Converter)

Bear File Converter has a good choice if you want an easy audio-to-text transformation for short notes. It can do a proper job in turning clear audio with few distracting sounds based on the Baidu Recognition Engine. However, in turning MP3 song documents to text, online software is not very precise. The online software will not record for more than three minutes as well. It supports MP3, WAV, WMA and more files.

bear file converter

Steps to convert mp3 file to text file through bear file converter-

  • First of all, you have to select a recognition engine either Baidu or CMU Sphinx. because only these engine will convert file faster and accurate.
  • To convert from your computer or from a URL, select the media files. Bear File Converter supports MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG audio files. The online tool has a 3 MB file length restriction.
  • Now submit the file which you want to convert.

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5. 360Converter (Online Converter)

If online audio to text convert you are looking for mildly stronger outcomes, 360converter provides an easy dashboard tool. It promotes music as well as video. You can download the results as a Word file or PDF file. However, the freeware has restrictions. While the software is great enough to transcribe discussions and pre-recorded presentations, competent outcomes would not be obtained.

360 converter

It supports conversion from English, Chinese, French and Hindi languages. Steps to convert mp3 file to text file through 360 converter-

  • First of all, you have to upload the file which you want to convert. File can be upload from URL, Local Disk or Cloud either Google cloud or Dropbox.
  • In the audio file, select the language. Vocalmatic’s engine promotes four distinct languages, i.e. English, French, Chinese, Hindi.
  • Set start and end time. It converts only that duration which you want to convert through from: and to:
  • Click on the box before I agree to Terms & Conditions and start conversion.

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6. Sobolsoft (Online Converter)

Sobolsoft provides stronger production if you are looking for competent outcomes in MP3-to-text transformation. In terms of production and intuitive alternatives, there are no time limits that enable you to transform various documents and divide the timelines. The outcomes are much better than past choices. You need to create a buy-in advance, though there is a free trial accessible.


Steps to convert mp3 file to text file through sobolsoft –

  • Upload the mp3 file which you want to convert through Add MP3 file option.
  • Now click on start converting and you get the text file of mp3 file after some seconds.

7. Vocalmatic (Online Converter)

Vocalmatic is an AI-enabled Text-to-Audio converter that transforms mp3 to free text. It provides a free trial period of 30 minutes after which you must pay to use it.

Steps to convert mp3 file to text file through vocalmatic –


  • Upload to text transcription your MP3 music files for MP3. Vocalmatic supports the following types of files: MP3, M4A, MP4, FLAC, OGA, WAV, AAC, OPUS, OGA, MOGG, WebM, WMA, etc.
  • When Vocalmatic acknowledges the charged media file using AI, it will automatically convert MP3 to text.
  • Use the built-in editor to edit the written document perfectly.

8. Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Speech Recognition Software is a professional and affordable scribe software that delivers accurate results across different devices with advanced customization and integration. This program is primarily used in large-scale meetings and sectors and is used as preferred voice recognition software owing to its strong characteristics and audio identification methods. At any velocity or quantity, Dragon can acknowledge words and perform 3X quicker in typing than any other software.


It can be used as an app on any computer remotely and can identify easy speech instructions to shorten repetitive procedures and increase productivity. The software guarantees 100% precision and can be used for company or private use.

9. Google Speech to Text

Google Speech to Text is a Google service that enables users who aren’t great at typing to record their words and use them in writing messages. The system operates by using voice information from Google and linking it with docs from Google to job.

google cloud speech

It is very accurate and especially for real-time typing as do not need prerecorded audio files.

10. Express Scribe 

Using foot pedals and hotkeys, Express Scribe is a legal transcribe software for Mac and PC that is developed for music transcription. The program is designed specifically for typists offering variable speed playback, video playback, multi-channel control, file management, and much more. Express Scribe supports MS Word processor and loads files automatically via FTP, e-mail or a local computer network.

Express Scribe


Converting audio to text is still a manual job in the music industry, and for accurate results, studios hire professional transcribers. YouTubers usually add to a video editing software such as LightRoom subtitles and captions. The above solutions, however, allow for a degree of automation. The results will vary from app to app. No solution can provide 100 percent accuracy.



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