Best Free Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services in 2020

Best Free Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services in 2020
Best Free Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services in 2020

What is Cloud Computing?

In the IT world, cloud computing is a revolution that has altered the business sense of IT resources. Cloud computing is linked to providing cloud computing facilities in a straightforward way–storing, computation, networking, database, and moreover the web. Cloud storage is what we have deliberately or unintentionally adopted; the free cloud storage solutions are buzzing around.

Cloud storage is now a prized property for very tiny and big business groups. Companies are trying not to depend on expensive hardware and want to move their information to the highest accessible free cloud storage. But there are many companies that have much less cloud storage understanding and are therefore encircled by the traditional storage systems ‘ blind views.

Why Data is stored in the Cloud?

There are many benefits connected with traditional data storage methods such as hard drives and pen drives or any other storage device. But all the information collected gets wasted once the storage device gets damaged. Hence virtual cloud storage is a copy of traditional storage systems where consumers can store their information on hardware and USB flash drives and maintain their backup documents.

The engineering sector has moved continuously from local storage to remote, server-based storage and processing since the emergence of the internet— which is recognized as the cloud. Look at songs and films: from local media, we used to play them, but now they’re broadcast from servers. You can reap the same benefits of anywhere-access and sharing by keeping your own documents and media files in the cloud. Additional advantages include increases in productivity and decreased demands for local storage. We have completed the finest cloud storage and file sharing and file synchronization facilities to assist you to decide which facilities are correct for you.

If you don’t have cloud storage and synchronization service yet, you should take one seriously. Which you choose decides on the types of documents that you store, how much safety you need, whether you intend to work with others, and which machines you use to edit and access your documents. It can also generally rely on your level of convenience with pcs. Some facilities are highly user-friendly, while others give sophisticated customization for technophiles that are more seasoned.

Free vs. Paid of Cloud storage service

Many cloud storage services have a free account with some limitations, such as the amount of storage they provide or a size limit on files that you can upload. We prefer services that offer some level of free service (even if it’s just 2 GB) rather than a time-based trial, as this allows you to fully incorporate service into your lives for several weeks while you get an impression of how it operates and what could go wrong with your specific configuration.

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Maybe what could go incorrect? Human error accounts for many cloud storage tragedies, but another prevalent troublemaker is the broken internet connection. And every internet service is subject to the occasional breakdown.

Ask around (or just look through our reviews) and hear sad tales about how cloud storage might go wrong. One of the benefits of paying for an account is that it usually comes with the provider’s additional support, so if anything goes wrong, you can get someone on the phone to help you solve the problem.

There are many other reasons to pay for cloud storage, from getting a lot more space to being able to upload really big files (a terabyte doesn’t really cost that much anymore). That last advantage concerns graphic designers, video publishers, and other visual artists who often host huge documents.

Other benefits of charging for your cloud storage often include enhanced access to the history of file versions (meaning you can return a significant business proposal to the variant you had before your classmate produced a lot of mistaken modifications), more safety, or more collaborative and teamwork characteristics.

Best cloud storage service 2020

1. Google Drive

google drive
Google Drive

We understand that all online storage operates the same manner, i.e. we use a folder, store it on the internet, and synchronize it on our pcs. But there are many standing Google Drive features that make it special among all the other cloud storage because it allows users to personally store their personal stuff, and Google’s free cloud storage also provides excellent free 15 GB storage and is one of the finest cloud storage.

The offline facilities provided by Google Drive assist its customers to display all the documents and pictures saved online even if they have poor network service. Scanning files are now much simpler by simply getting a clip of the paper and the remainder is accomplished by the printer like saving them in PDF form. Google’s free cloud storage is regarded as the best that’s built into all other Google services.

Plus Points: Free space for generous storage. Excellent cooperation between productivity-suite. Includes file synchronization from desktop to desktop. Many integrations from third parties. Cross-platform apps.

Negative Points: Store everything locally on the consumer desktop utility. Concerns about privacy. Less competent software for productivity than Microsoft Office. No mutual file password protection.

Middle Line: Google Drive is one of the slickest, fully-featured, and generous cloud storage and synchronization services offering outstanding collaborative productivity suite capabilities.

2. Dropbox


Because of its excellent backup characteristics, this is one of the strong and recent free cloud storage relatives to any other cloud storage. In the Dropbox, any sort of tiny and big powerpoint lectures, pictures, videos or perhaps even other big CAD documents can be held safe. Dropbox offers simple synchronization characteristics for customers that assist access the Dropbox files and records from any computer.

Dropbox free storage offers customers with a lot of helpful characteristics. One of the helpful characteristics is that a customer can safeguard all the files and records in a lost machine by wiping the system documents with the remote erase function it offers. Dropbox free storage provides a good free storage room (2 GB), but if customers need more space, there are many schemes that can assist them to get the storage they want.

Plus Points: Synchronization of files without effort. Apps for almost any operating system. Integration of tight OS. Collaboration supports. Shows stock history. For Pro customers, good functionality.

Negative Points: Free version of Skimpy. Expensive.

Middle Line: Dropbox is an easy, secure file synchronization and storage service with improved collaborative characteristics, but not as cheap or embedded as platform products such as Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive.

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3. Apple icloud drive

The Apple iCloud is Apple users ‘ highest private cloud storage. It initially provides 5 GB of free space for customers. All papers and files can be securely collected and user-friendly. Apple iCloud consumers can easily share pictures and videos with family members. Apple iCloud has made it simple to organize documents and folders. Apple iCloud helps to automatically send and save emails. Even consumers can begin talks from the precise stage they stopped previously.

Plus Points: Slick the app’s app and internet. Windows-compatible as well as macOS phones and iOS devices. account includes 5 GB storage when purchasing an iOS device or a macOS phone.

Negative Points: Less simple than facilities that compete. No internet page search. No app for Android. There are no anticipated skills for collaborative editing. Nags for storage upgrades.

Middle Line: It’s worth using Apple’s iCloud Drive file syncing and storage service, especially if you’re committed to Apple’s ecosystem, but it doesn’t really add up to Google and Microsoft’s contest.

4. Onedrive (Microsoft Onedrive)


With top free cloud storage solutions like Microsoft OneDrive, it has become feasible to keep documents and files within reach. Microsoft’s sign-up can assist customers to keep everything in one location. It previously provided users with 15 GB of free space but has now dropped to 10 GB. At any stage at the moment, it can be obtained from any computer but is pre-installed in windows. This cloud storage is regarded after the Dropbox storage cloud to be the second most desired storage among businessmen.

The primary drawback of outlook was the customer fear of storing email attachments due to the number of measures engaged, but it has now become simpler for companies to select email attachments and save them straight in folders. Creating and saving excellent polls in OneDrive has also become simpler now.

Plus Points: The interface is excellent. Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows clients. Windows 10 and Office 365 are well built. Strong introduction and leadership of internet photography. Powerful file sharing and coding of documents. 

Negative Points: Storage is less secure than Google Drive. 

Middle Line: OneDrive, the standard online storage and synchronization service for Windows 10 and Office 365, provides a variety of strong characteristics as well as more platform applications than any of its competitors.

5. Next Cloud


The Next cloud is another finest private cloud storage that helps protect information and has many interesting characteristics that attract customers. It offers an outstanding backup function that enables customers even after the unit is wasted to maintain track of all the information. The Next Cloud offers its customers with two-factor authentication that, in turn, offers additional security for account use.

6. pcloud


PCloud is one of the best free cloud storage capabilities offering 2 TB storage and its endless remote upload traffic makes it special. It provides its basic accounts with 10 GB of free storage room. With my pCloud, which offers a broad variety of resizing choices for its customers, resizing images on the go without the assistance of software has now become much easier.

The archive characteristics offered by pCloud is incredible as documents can be edited using the archive creation alternative it provides. The pCloud file has a choice to help consumers open the crypto folders automatically whenever they sign off the machine.

7. Media Fire


Media Fire is simple to use and one of the finest free cloud storage available online to store records and pictures. The initial free storage provided by media fire is 10 GB, but its amazing feature is that free storage can be increased up to 50 GB. There are many characteristics in this cloud storage that have created file processing simpler.

Media fire has enabled various documents to be uploaded from any computer at once, making it special and distinct from the others. It has become simpler to organize documents in Media Fire’s file manager. Looking for something that provides the ideal characteristics of a private paper? The Media Fire is here to alleviate your search as it helps customers send records with a one-time specific and free link that allows recipients to further share it.

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8. Mega


Mega cloud storage is an excellent storage room that is much like dropbox storage, but the distinction between the two is the quantity of room provided by both cloud storage. For Mega cloud storage users, 50 GB of free space is accessible. Mega cloud storage helps users download multiple files into the zip file and it is also possible to upload files via the mobile app.

The unbeatable 50 GB storage rendered it one of the most common free cloud storage accessible, attracting a big amount of customers to Mega cloud storage. Users looking for an outstanding backup file choice should definitely sign up for Mega cloud storage as it offers only the finest storage but also the many safety characteristics.


This is one of the other best accessible free cloud storage. provides approximately 5 GB of free storage. Because researching the internet page that provides amazing characteristics is efficient, it has become quite simple to back up documents with only when customers have used something stronger than the sync directory. The’s greatest characteristic is to restore erased files and thus stop people from regretting significant documents that have been mysteriously lost.

Get the free space function that provides is the most outstanding function. If a user wants to get a little more space for files and photos what to do is tell a friend about Sync and the number of friends signing up for sync gets a free gigabyte together with the user who recommends it to others.

The Sync Vault is a function that enables customers to save files and records in a unique memory room recognized as Vault that is distinct from the Sync directory and all you need to do is pick a file and pick the Copy to Vault choice and restore your significant information.

10. I Drive


Like everything else in IDrive, there are lots of choices on the Restore tab. From a dropdown, you can pick the initial backup device, transfer documents straight to the desktop, or use checkboxes to return them to your folder structure. Right-clicking a file here provides the alternative View Previous Versions, which opens a cabinet from which you can choose from all releases of the saved file. Indeed, with ongoing backup, fresh variants of files were available immediately after we saved updates.

Easy configuration. Devices unlimited per consideration. Backup of the disk image. Integration of file explorer. Synchronization of the folder. Bulk uploads and restore through the mail. Fast test rates for upload. You will not discover a stronger general online backup service, particularly for the price, than the full-featured IDrive.

No real alternative for continuous backup. Web interface is broken. There is no infinite storage.

11. Amazon Drive

amazon drive

This is another best accessible free cloud storage that enables consumers to safely to save pictures and documents. There are many characteristics in this cloud storage that have created file processing simpler. With the strong characteristics of Amazon Drive, maintaining an ideal workflow, i.e. exchanging pictures, videos, and records has now become simpler. After signing up, it provides 24* 7 support and 5 GB free storage.

12. Sugar Sync


You can access all your accounts on any device you choose with a file syncing service and maintain backups in the cloud. Reliable and easy to configure a high-quality service; pricing, storage room, and additional characteristics also matter. While setting up and using SugarSync is intuitive, the service is costly and lacks normal competitive capacities such as collaborative editing and two-factor authentication.

In addition, once you begin charging, it is unnecessarily hard to cancel your account. Competitive services such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive offer more features for less in the crowded file synchronization space.

 Dedicated GUI for the desktop. Mobile apps are solid. Integration of file explorer. The folders have been protected. So, SugarSync is an intuitive file-syncing service with excellent mobile apps, but it is costly and lacks sophisticated features for cooperation.

13. Spider Oak One


Backup of your information is essential, but you may hesitate to use an online backup service out of worry that your information would be accessed by the business that houses your information. If you are a security-conscious consumer of this kind, find the SpiderOak ONE focused on privacy.

SpiderOak maintains your documents encrypted at all moments, including during the backup and return phase, in accordance with its non-knowledge philosophy. We like the desktop application of SpiderOak, but the mobile app requires work and service fees for storage room more than others in the category.

Strong characteristics for privacy. Unlimited per account pcs. Includes file synchronization. Well-designed desktop application with full features.

 Mobile applications for buggies. No internet browser search or mobile app search. No authentication with two factors. Slow test efficiency.

14. Certain Safe

certain safe

 Makes cloud-stored documents unable to breakbulk information. User to server authenticates and vice versa. Safe sharing of files. Retains versions of previous files. Safe talk.

 The cost is relatively high. You lose all access if you miss password or safety responses. Currently, there is no inclusion of the office.

You can take the spin service with a free 30-day trial that includes 5 GB of space with no credit card needed. You can remain for $12 per customer per month if you feel it’s worth it. This gives you 100 GB per customer of mutual encrypted online storage and the capacity to share information with as many as 100 clients. You’ll want to ask for a custom citation for a large, business-level setup. There is even an API at the company stage that allows in-house coders to integrate the technology of CertainSafe straight into their proprietary applications.



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