Best Youtube Video Editing Software For Windows

Best Youtube Video Editing Software For Windows

There is no doubt that YouTube is the best place to post videos and our ideas in the form of videos. Top content creators from YouTube are able to earn hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars a day, but surprisingly it is little to do with making the video. So we are providing you Best Video Editing Software

Today I will share with you some of the leading YouTubers strategies and software, which show exactly what you should do (and shouldn’t) for creating YouTube content.

Let’s start-

Here are the steps which have to be focused while making a video on youtube

Step 1 Create a unique idea and topic for youtube.

Step 2. Find out the youtube equipment for beginners.

Step 3. Read about your first YouTube video.

Step 4. Set the camera and made the video.

Step 5. Save the video.

Step 6. Edit the video as per your requirements.

Step 7. Upload the video with a perfect and unique title and description.

So these are some basic steps which you kept in mind while making a video.

Now, we will discuss some youtube video making software which is helpful in making a video

Best Paid and Free Video Editing Software for Youtube ( windows)

a.Free video editing software

1. Virtual Dub

VirtualDub has not released new versions of this open-source software since October 27, 2014, since 2000. In the early 2000s, it was quite successful, but due to its limited video editing capability, its famous content faded rapidly.

virtual dub

This free Video Editor from YouTube is intended for beginners in video editing. Users of VirtualDub can capture videos from TGA and BMP files, edit or assemble them. Video clips can be cut, resized or trimmed but AVI file format support is available for the device only so that you can encounter difficulty capturing your camera footage in another format.

It supports Windows, Mac, Linux


  • A large number of files can be processed to edit big YouTube videos
  • Fix the digital camera issues, so you can upload the video to YouTube after editing.
  • The ability to create a Windows Bitmap video file and the YouTube video formats.
  • FireWire controllers type 2 DV capture is also supported


  • Don’t support MPEG-1 files
  • Insufficient editing power for advanced editing

2. Windows Movie Maker (Free)

Windows Movie Maker has never been a powerful app to edit footage but has always been a quick and easy way to edit your Windows 7 user images. Around 10 January, however. 2017 has been discontinued the popular video editing software, which in the last few decades was the package with all Windows versions.

If you use Windows 7, you are lucky to use Windows Movie Maker: you don’t need professional Video Editor to add names, trim or cut videos in this app, and Windows Movie Maker supports a wide variety of formats for video and audio.

windows movie maker

The app does not, however, have filters or visual effects that limit your ability significantly. Windows Movie Maker is a completely free, but fast-paced video editors who don’t need any video editing skills, so you are better off by semi-professional or professional YouTube video producers using a more efficient video editing package.

It supports only the Windows platform.


  • It can be used easily This editor is best for YouTube if you use the Windows version below 7.
  • Ideal picture slide program, because several images can be imported.


  • Not Available on Windows 10
  • Video editing options are limited
  • Advanced users are annoyed by its restricted functionality

b. Paid video editing software

1. Pinnacle Studio 21.5 (Paid)

This program ensures that you will never need to worry about your camera to capture your YouTube videos due to the wide variety of file inputs that this software provides. The Pinnacle Studio provides new users with advanced video editing tools and simplifies the video editing process.

pinnacle studio

The program has all the basic functions of video editing while the paint effects or 360-degree support of the video editing allow you to add a special taste to each project.

YouTubers will find the mosaic blur with motion tracking feature useful, as it enables them to mask private information in a picture, but only the Ultimate version of the software can provide this functionality. You can edit 3D and 4 K videos if you choose to purchase Plus or the latest version of Pinnacle Studio.

To run this software, you will not need a great machine and we are glad to say that the pricing is fair all over the board. The regular version is 59, $Plus is 99 dollars, while the last version is 129 dollars, but it is not FREE. The software is Windows-compatible and a trial version is also available if you want to run it.


  • Dual preview for enhancing your video.
  • Multi-cam editing for creating various YouTube videos.
  • Its Audio ducking feature is the best.


  • In this software, we cannot capture Live screen

2. Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor (Paid)

It doesn’t cost any editing software an arm and a leg. In reality, Filmora9 included is some of the best video editing software for YouTube. This program can be found in 3 different versions of Wondershare, but even Premium sports are a great price.

We won’t pass through this stage of the program. We will instead concentrate on the unlimited edition that gives you everything. It includes more than 1000 new video effects, with free updates and technical support for life added each month. It is a big step forward in free programs, but it’s still easy to use if the subject system makes you a novice.


Filmora9 helps the consumer through a variety of filters and transitions to slice and dice or customize the YouTube videos. The controls are intuitive and advanced functionality means that more experienced users are interested in the full function mode. Its mode releases advanced color balancing, an action cam, a freeze-frame and a powerful tool with a number of additional options.

Although the system omitted some critical features in previous years, it currently covers all the areas that are important. You will provide 4 K support and a comprehensive set of tools to stabilize and correct your images. Social networking is also very simple so that you can upload your videos in seconds to YouTube and other social media websites.

Both Mac and Windows systems Wondershare Filmora9 is available on a single schedule or you can buy a license. You can check it before you purchase the free trial version, but it includes a watermark on the finished product. It can also be used on an annual subscription or on a live basis, or with fixed rates from $69 and up to $279 for the full annual plan of video and audio effects.


  • It is easy to use for beginners
  • Great action cam tools
  • Excellent price point
  • Plenty of export formats


  • Less speedy as other programs
  • Lack of advanced tools

3. Corel VideoStudio (Paid)

For multi-track video editing and a variety of advanced vision editing functions, you can find this award-winning app. Corel VideoStudio is one of the best video editing apps for PC owners, thanks to its lens correction, 3D video editing, or stop motion animation software. You can build or redimension videos while you can also have a split-screen option if you want more than one video source.

corel video studio

VideoStudio has video hardware optimization technology to reduce the amount of time required for video processing to produce even better results. Users of the app will export their creations to YouTube, Flickr or Vimeo so that they save time while exporting and manually uploading videos to these sites. Its price: $69.99


  • You can use 4-angle multi-camera video editors to edit YouTube videos.
  • Multi-track timeline editing is important for YouTube video editing.


  • It is not for beginners and can be taken from other choices for YouTubers.


For decades, the minds of Adobe have produced outstanding design software. This includes consumer programs that prefer to edit videos rather than images or create vector-based graphics. Adobe Premiere Pro is the video editing system and one of Hollywood’s standard tools today.

adobe premiere pro

Planning to work with VR or 4 K video? Okay, Adobe can manage these formats and everything else. It can accommodate 8 K and even supports VR 180 end-to-end for direct publishing on YouTube. When you intend on editing along with others, you can edit your projects directly from your corporate address book online with a virtual screening room.

Adobe has been on the subscription road many years ago, but it is now available for both Mac and Windows, and you can no longer buy Premier Pro outright today. The prices start at about $20 a month or year depending on the length of time you initially want to register. The software is also available with Photoshop and 30 more applications for $52.99 a month through the Creative Cloud bündel.


  • It’s Top-notch tools
  • Streamlined interface is very useful.
  • It is Built for professionals only.
  • Excellent support.


  • Better options for simple YouTube edits
  • Subscription-based model


The Movavi platform is also open to new publishers in search of something fast and easy. We are pleased to say it does, and if you want to do tutorials or edit a gameplay session for YouTube or Twitch update, it is an excellent choice.
movavi video suite

Movavi has several items in its arsenal, but we have been in the same kit with their Video Kit. Editors are equipped with a range of tools to combine, remove or add video transitions. Some 160 filters and features including caption support, chroma key and slow-motion are included.

The benefit of Movavi’s media conversion is that it has support for over 180 various formats. It can perform jobs in seconds, whether it’s a GIF or an outdated AVI file. It supports batch processing, and even on UHD files, there is no loss of consistency. If you want to build instead of sharing online we would be hesitant to include the VHS digitization feature and disk burning.

Movavi Video Suite is not as cheap as some other options, but it’s fair at $149 if you don’t catch it on sale. It’s a personal lifetime license for a PC and it’s also available as a free edition. The software is available on Windows, but Mac users can not get this package so that the Mac video editor or products you want must be purchased.


  • You can use a wide variety of formats.
  • 4K support
  • Easy to use


  • Limited effects
  • Optimization could be better


Although some applications have not yet been completed or identified as iMovie or Shotcut, the best YouTube video editing software simply has to meet your needs. It matters not whether you are a strong user who spends hours of footage every day or someone who just wants to edit and upload holiday videos to YouTube. Just be mindful that if you choose a Pro level tool, your machine needs will be remembered. Please check out the list of the best streaming apps when you are a player and prefer Twitch to YouTube!


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