Free WordPress Plugins 2020 for Professional WordPress Websites

Free WordPress Plugins 2020 for Professional WordPress Websites

WordPress plugins are excellent tools to add and extend WordPress features. I’m going to discuss 20 + best WordPress plugins on your WordPress page in this article.

These plugins will add to your site amazing features and make it ‘ fantastic. ‘While your website’s kind/niche mostly determines which plugins you should have on your website, there are plugins that every WP blog requires. As Techieword says security, speed, SEO, etc. are some of every website owner’s universal concerns that you can’t just ignore.

In the WordPress framework, there are plenty of useful plugins that decrease a lot of job on your part. The official repository of the plugin has over 55,000 plugins and records for WordPress. That implies you have plugins on your website for almost any function or feature you need. Great news for enthusiasts of WordPress!

Moreover, for the same function, you will discover various plugins. All you need to do is select the best one to suit your project and install the plugin for yourself. While most plugins are created as freemiums, you can discover both free and premium plugins for WordPress. For advanced features, a freemium plugin is a free plugin with an upgrade option to the premium version.

This article contains both free/freemium and premium plugins that are important for a blog of WP.

Best WordPress Plugins for 2020 – Must have for a website

As mentioned above, the list includes some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress, security plugins, plugins for speed optimization, marketing, and plugins for social media. These plugins will assist you to make your website robust, safe, SEO friendly and finish with all the aesthetics that a contemporary website requires.

Let’s Start:-

1. Jetpack (Freemium)


A strong plugin from the wonderful team behind the WordPress software itself (Automattic), for every WordPress website, Jetpack is a must-have plugin. As the name suggests, to fly up high and make it a success, it offers a pack of awesome features for your website.

Jetpack is responsible for your website safety, website efficiency, traffic development, picture optimization, the appearance of the website and much more.

jetpack pic

It features enhanced distribution which automatically shares your published content to third-party services like search engines and helps to increase your reach and traffic. Additionally, it creates sitemaps so that search engines can easily index your site.

Above all, it protects the safety of your website by stopping assaults by brute force. It also monitors your site for downtime every five minutes and immediately notifies you of any problems that have been identified.

2. Everest Forms (FREE)

Everest Form

The‘ Contact’ page is one of the basic websites you need on a website. Whether you have a large or tiny website or whatever it is, you certainly need a contact page from which your website audience can contact you. Contact aim can be anything; a well-designed contact page is a must to provide you with feedback on your job, reach out for company deals, or suggestions in particular.

So, here’s a plugin ‘ Everest Forms’ to generate contact forms. It is a modern plugin of WordPress contact form with drag and drop interface that allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful contact forms. It has a number of general areas along with sophisticated areas to generate forms that you can readily drag and drop.

everest forms

The plugin allows you to generate infinite types of WordPress and various layouts of design. Two design layouts are available in the plugin: 1. Default as well as 2. Classic design from which to choose.

everest forms layout design

It also enables you to generate two column contact types for WordPress as well as sophisticated forms with sophisticated areas such as radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, date, etc. See the demo of Everest Forms and learn how to do it.

The plugin is accessible free of charge, but it comes with a full set of characteristics to allow you to create full-fledged forms. It includes support for Google reCaptcha, editable email settings, redirects page choices after successful submission, editable message for form validation, etc. To sum up, this is an incredible plugin for contact forms for WordPress.


ninja forms

Each website needs a contact page and Ninja Forms is one of the best free options you’ll find when it comes to contact forms (or other types of forms). That’s likely why it’s active on over a million websites.

It features a drag-and-drop interface for beginners and AJAX form submission so that individuals can submit a form without reloading a website.

And, if you’re ever restricted by the (generous) free key version, you can always get additional features from the enormous premium extension library of Ninja Forms.

4. Akismet (Freemium)


Akismet is another plugin that the people behind WordPress (Matt and his Automattic team) have developed. It is one of WordPress’s standard plugins that comes with every fresh key setup of WordPress. It’s basically an anti-spam plugin that checks all the spam remarks and filters them out.

For each remark, the plugin offers a status history so you can know which remarks Akismet or the moderator discovered spammy. Moderators can also view the amount of user-approved remarks, see the URLs in the body of posts, and remove suspect connections.

The plugin is free of charge for the private website and blogs while subscribing to its monthly commercial website plans. In addition to spam protection, the premium plans provide sophisticated safety solutions.

It is a useful plugin to protect your WP security.

5. User Registration (Freemium)

User Registration

Registration of WordPress users is another integral feature that you wouldn’t want to miss. Essentially, on the default WordPress installation, the ‘ register ‘ feature is available that can be enabled from the WP dashboard following the steps given. click on your WP admin panel > Settings General.

user registration settings

As shown in the above picture, to enable WordPress registration or membership feature, you can simply check the ‘ Anyone can register ‘ option.

Once activated, on the login page of your website, consumers can now discover a register option (e.g.: Now, by entering a username and email, users can register to your site, but it doesn’t look perfect.

First, to get the registration option, it is not user-friendly for a user to discover the login URL. Next, you can’t collect more information as a website owner because it has a limited two-field form that allows users to enter a username and email only.

Therefore, need a virtual plugin to register with WordPress. Fortunately, you have at your disposal a carefully crafted simple and user-friendly plugin: registration of users.

User Registration is a free plugin for WordPress to drag and drop user registration. The plugin comes up with lots of incredible characteristics so that within a few minutes you can quickly generate a lovely front-end user registration form.

user registration form

Some of the plugin’s primary characteristics are Unlimited types of registration, multi-column assistance, support for ReCaptcha, email notifications, etc. Moreover, by buying its premium add-ons, you can extend its features.

6. Yoast SEO (Freemium)

Yoast SEO

No doubt, for each website, search engines are the main source of traffic. It is reported that the number of internet users using search engines is steadily increasing, making Search Engine Optimization more relevant than ever. Fortunately, for WordPress users, there is a great plugin like Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is an amazing plugin that guides you in creating better content and improving your search outcomes ranking. It focuses on creating content that is both user-friendly and SEO-friendly technically. The objective is to assist users, gain confidence and maintain the rankings they call sustainable SEO.

Yoast SEO analysis

First, in the article you are writing, it makes you choose a focus keyword and use the keyword properly. Page analysis feature checks if you used the focus keyword on the alt tags of the image, meta description, headings, and the entire post everywhere. It also suggests that you set up the text and images properly to improve search engine usability and visibility.

It also helps you to improve the way your page/post looks with snippet preview on the search results. Creating better headlines and catchy meta description can significantly improve your site’s click-through rates. It has added readability function to help you generate content that is easy and comprehensible.

Lastly, here’s another plugin called All in One SEO Pack that operates very likewise. You can also try that.

7. Social Icons (FREE)

Social Icon

Without a doubt, in recent years, social media has been the most populated platform. There is an ever-increasing number of social media users–more individuals get news and other data through social media. So, marketing in social media is a crucial component of marketing content these days. You can use a social media plugin such as Social Icons to increase your social media marketing.

Social Icons is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to show famous social icons on your website easily. Using widgets or shortcodes, you can add social media icons to websites or messages. More than 100 popular social media platforms are supported by the plugin. It’s easy and simple to use. In beautiful layouts, you can install the plugin instantly and add social media icons.

The plugin provides additional icon customization choices – resizing icons, square or rounded or grayscale background icon layouts, etc. It promotes drag and drops icon sorting, making your job much easier.

8. Google XML Sitemaps (FREE)

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is another helpful WordPress SEO plugin. The plugin enables search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. with a unique XML sitemap to better index your site.

It will automatically generate an XML sitemap for your site as you activate the plugin, making it simple to index. A sitemap allows search engine bots to view your website’s entire structure and more efficiently retrieve the results.

Google XML Sitemaps settings

Every time you post something on your site, the plugin notifies all significant search engines.

9. Nivo Slider (Freemium)

nivo slider

It is advantageous for most websites, especially commercial ones if you can display more than one image. Some may want to display different samples of work, products and more. You can even choose slideshows for those who are looking for an option to video files. Sliders and carousels are therefore one of the most important and effective design elements that help with the engagement rate of the site.

nivo slider dashboard

And the easiest way to do this with WordPress is with the Nivo Slider plugin. It’s one of the best and the most famous plugin you’ll find out. You can either use their free or premium version downloaded more than 3 million times since their launch. The plugin allows you to add post slider, carousel picture or even a slideshow readily. It is user-friendly and it is easy to work with the intuitive design structure.

It can never go incorrect to add a hint of creativity and engage content. You can also add the sliders you generate as a Home Page Slider. Get the recent characteristics of automatic updates and get premium assistance like plugin assistance.

10. WooCommerce (Freemium)


WooCommerce is one of the best plugins for WordPress if you want to add to your website anything to sell. Basically, if you want to create an online store, it can be used quite efficiently. With the assistance of an online store, it has many characteristics to assist you to develop your website. If you own a website, you will have to sell something earlier or later on your website.

You can also provide various alternatives for your clients through your online store. Extendable shipping alternatives with WooCommerce are accessible. Free shipping, local pickups, flat prices, and much more. With that, you can sell anything. You’ll be able to sell anything with it from physical products to event tickets, software, and service plans. It also has a lot of customer payment choices. With a check, cash on delivery, credit cards or even PayPal, they can check out. For a plugin to have, this is a very useful function. The customers likewise appreciate it.

WooCommerce plugins

Simply install and enable the plugin and operate the installation wizard. Then get your online stores with endless opportunities. You can also install many add-ons for your requirements as needed.

11. VaultPress (Freemium)


VaultPress is a WordPress security plugin designed to create automatic backups for your website in real-time. The Jetpack powered theme synchronizes all content, posts, comments, and media files seamlessly on your website and also offers security against many internet problems and assaults.

VaultPress enables you to regularly create optimized backups and restore your website with just one click in a matter of seconds. You can also monitor, back up and manage multiple websites via a single dashboard with multiple subscriptions.

VaultPress backups

The plugin also scans and detects hazardous documents on your website and emails the administrator if any modifications to your setup are detected. In addition, in a matter of clicks, you can quickly review and handle suspect codes and fix their problems.

Strong spam security also comes with the plugin. With Akismet support, with zero user involvement, you can easily use its anti-spam tools to prevent any spam action on your website.

In addition, the subscription of VaultPress is bundled with Jetpack. Combining the features of these two plugins, a perfect solution can be implemented to protect your internet.

The support team was extremely commended for their helpful job and useful insight into the problems of the user. This implies a straightforward application to VaultPress ‘ team of professionals should help you set up your website right quickly regardless of what issue you face.

12. W3 Total Cache (Freemium)

W3 Total Cache

Caching WordPress is one of the best ways to enhance the efficiency of the website. The general idea of caching is to temporarily store the website information in the cache so that the next moment the user opens the same page it loads quicker. The cache is a location to temporarily store something in the computer setting.

You can use caching plugins for WordPress to allow caching in WordPress. Caching plugins will cache users ‘ messages and websites as static HTML documents. This drastically reduces the loading time of the page and helps optimize the overall performance of the site. In addition, improved site speed will have a profound effect on your SEO site.

W3 Total dashboard

W3 Total WordPress cache plugin is one of the most famous WordPress plugins and likely the finest WordPress cache plugin. It includes page cache, caching of databases, caching of objects, caching of browsers and much more. It also allows you to incorporate CDN facilities to decrease the load time of the website. In addition, it has options for minifying and HTTP compression of HTML, JS, and CSS files to save up to 80 percent bandwidth.

You will get a better ranking on search results with the reduced loading time, resulting in higher traffic and more conversions.

Alternatively, you can use WP Super Cache that works very similar to the plugin above.

13. WP-Optimize (FREE)

WP Optimize

WP-Optimize is an excellent instrument for WordPress database cleanup and WordPress optimization. It automatically removes unnecessary information without manual queries from WordPress. The plugin always maintains the highest output of your database optimized.

Your website may contain a lot of useless data that weighs down your site while you may not even know about it. You have a lot of work done automatically with the plugin installed. It removes all spammy and unapproved comments, messages and comments, trackbacks, pingbacks, etc. It will keep your database clean and optimized at all times.

14. WP Smush (Freemium)

WP Smush

Images are the great assets for your post/page that attract the attention of users easily. Uploading pictures will help you deliver the message much better than the texts can. They make your website look appealing, engaging and catchy.

While making your site more attractive to users is so helpful, images also take up a lot of storage space and slow your website down. You can’t just overlook the slow velocity of the site and search for the catastrophe. Wait a while, the excellent news is here – you can compress your pictures!

Yes, using WP Smush plugin, you can compress and optimize pictures without decreasing image quality. Using sophisticated compression methods, it optimizes all your picture files in JPEG, GIF and PNG formats and saves loads of storage room. It auto-smushes all of your attachments when uploaded while in the media library you can also manually smush your attachments.

WP smush plugin

Moreover, the plugin allows you to simultaneously smush bulk information (up to 50 attachments). The plugin is very useful because, while being fast, it helps your post/page look attractive.

15. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights (Free)


Google Analytics is a great free tool to understand website traffic using statistics. A great way to improve your user traffic is to understand your audience and cater to them. Therefore, using a Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress website is an evident decision and Google Analytics tool from MonsterInsights is one of the best plugins for this purpose out there.

The plugin allows you to monitor different stats of your website in real-time. In addition, you can monitor customer opinions from multiple platforms and devices using Universal tracking as well as obtain various accounts of demographic and interest.

analytics monsterinsights

The plugin is also ready for trade. This implies that with no trouble at all, you can monitor product popularity, conversion rates, and order values. Google Adsense also includes the plugin, so you can also track your ad performance.

You can monitor download numbers, outbound connection tracking, occurrences and performance monitoring, user discovery reports, and more.

16. BJ Lazy Load (FREE)

BJ Lazy Load

If you have lots of pictures on your website, loading may take hours. This is irritating for users, often leading to greater bounce rates. However, every problem is solved and mostly in WordPress. Lazy loading is the mantra to create lots of pictures on the page load your site quicker.

You can use a plugin such as BJ Lazy Load to add lazy loading functionality to a WordPress site. The plugin replaces all your post pictures with a placeholder, posts thumbnails, gravatar pictures, and content frames, and loads the content as it approaches the browser screen. Only when a user runs the page will it display the information (pictures). Your site, therefore, loads quicker and saves bandwidth.

It also operates with text widgets, YouTube integrated videos, Vimeo, etc. It’s a great plugin for optimizing website performance and SEO.

17. All In One Rich Snippets (FREE)

All In One Schema

You may have seen additional pieces of information on the search results, such as star ratings, images, number of reviews, etc. below some of the pages. They provide additional post/page information that users may want to know about. Rich Snippets are called such brief extracts/information pieces such as ratings.

Rich snippets are the best way to embellish your page/post appearance on the outcome pages of the search engine. The snippets briefly provide the main product/page information, i.e. highlight the product’s attractions. That’s why search engines help you get more click-through rates.

You can use the useful WordPress org plugin All In One Rich Snippets to produce rich snippets on the WordPress page. It provides the exact information to be displayed in the result pages of the search engine to the search engines. This helps improve the rank of your site as well as increase the rates of click-through.

18. Broken Link Checker (FREE)

Broken Link Checker

With a notable amount of daily tourists, you might have an excellent website and do a nice company as well. But have you ever considered how users would respond when they landed on a broken page? You can make a guess–that’s how you’re losing the potential customer and making a worse impression of your site. That’s devastating–broken connections hate you.

And, here’s good news–for all the broken links, a handy plugin will monitor your website. Simply install the Broken Link Checker free plugin and take a pleasant nap as it will automatically do the work. The plugin checks for broken connections all of your posts, remarks and other material and immediately notifies you if any are discovered. Moreover, it also reports on the missing images so you can fix them quickly.

The plugin also has options to prevent search engines from following broken links, displaying broken links differently, and so on. Notifications can be obtained either via email or dashboard from WP.

19. Wordfence Security (Freemium)

Wordfence security

One of the most important things to do as a website owner is to keep your site safe from hackers. It’s something you can’t afford to disregard. There may be thousands of malicious bots on the web that can attack your website at any time and in no time destroy all of your work. That’s why you always have to avoid spam and keep your website safe.

There are many safety plugins available in WordPress to maintain your WordPress site safe. Among them, you can rely on Wordfence Security. The plugin features protection against the firewall, malware scanning, blocking, the security of login, monitoring of live traffic and much more. The plugin allows you to monitor all your real-time traffic including robots, humans, 404 mistakes, logins, logouts, etc. as shown in the following screenshot:

You can be aware of the security threats your site faces with monitoring your real-time traffic and take immediate action against it.

Wordfence security activity

The plugin also has a firewall application that prevents hacking of your site. Blocking function blocks all recognized attackers, malicious networks that may harm your site. It adopts Two Factor Authentication to improve login safety while also checking the power of all user and admin passwords. This method can be of great assistance in combating assaults by brute force.

To conclude, Wordfence Security is an excellent WordPress security plugin.

20. MailChimp for WordPress (Freemium)


MailChimp is one of the most common email marketing services for bulk subscriber management, email sending, and tracking outcomes. For webmasters and company owners, it is certainly an excellent marketing instrument. It’s really simple to incorporate MailChimp for a WordPress page with the WordPress plugin MailChimp. It’s a free plugin that allows you to add to your WP blog beautiful subscription forms. You can try the premium version if you want to use the plugin for commercial purposes.

The plugin allows you to create beautiful opt-in forms to add to your email list more subscribers. You can also readily integrate the plugin with any other type, such as the contact form, comment or checkout form, on your locations. It supports all major plugins in the form such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, etc.

Install the plugin and instantly start your campaign for email marketing!

21. Redirection (FREE)


There are times when you need to modify your posts/pages’ permalinks, but you forget to redirect them. That’s when users land after the old URL that no longer exists on an unavailable page. And, that’s another way you’re upsetting your visitors.

Redirection is the right plugin to choose from in such cases. It helps you manage all the redirections of 301 and keep track of 404 errors. When the URL of a post changes, the plugin automatically adds a 301 redirection, while you can also manually add 301, 302, and 307 redirections for a post. You can redirect all URLs and have complete logs for all redirected URLs as well.

Redirection is predominantly helpful when you migrate websites from an ancient website or change the WP installation folder.

22. Disable Comments (FREE)

Disable Comments

Disable Comments, as the name suggests, is useful to disable comments on your entire site or some types of posts globally. The plugin offers a simple alternative to disable comments on post kinds, websites, and attachments, considering that all pages/posts are unlikely to acknowledge user remarks. Comments also contain spam and unnecessary things at times.

The plugin also offers an option for removing all comment-related objects from the dashboard, widgets, admin menu, and admin bar. It offers comprehensive characteristics you need to prevent spamming comments.



By adding two-factor authentication via the Google Authenticator app, the free Google Authenticator plugin allows you to lock your login page even more.

It’s free for unlimited users, and it’s also really easy to implement.

This is an excellent option for complete peace of mind when dealing with brute force attacks.

24. CallRail WordPress plugin

The WordPress CallRail plugin offers actionable information and insights into your present marketing policies. … Call tracking was never simpler on a WordPress website. WordPress is a user-friendly platform and the plugin was developed to maintain easy execution.


While not every company believes it is crucial for its website, call tracking is something that I would suggest for the website of every company.

Call monitoring allows you to understand where your clients come from, whether they are paid search, organic SEO, or referrals. And, you can get granular information about what paid keywords to drive your clients, what are the most efficient social media channels, and more.

CallRail is my favorite application for call monitoring. Apart from the fact that it works incredibly well, it also seamlessly integrates with WordPress and other third-party applications.

CallRail is the call monitoring leader. While using CallRail continuously will cost your clients, it is a worthwhile investment for any company. The WordPress plugin CallRail connects your CallRail account to your website readily, swapping your website telephone number with numbers for call tracking.



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