10 Best YIFY Torrents Fastest Proxies and Mirrors – Xtorrent

10 Best YIFY Torrents Fastest Proxies and Mirrors – Xtorrent

What is YIFY Torrent?

When it comes to the name of uploading new movies then YIFY Torrent is the name comes to mind but it’s not possible to access torrent sites directly nowadays, so we can unblock YIFY by YIFY Proxy and YIFY Torrent is our choice because of its great Rip value with small size as possible and we can’t forget the most important thing about download speed. It has grown so much that YiFy movies are our number one source.

YTS Movies

The leader of YIFY created a big piracy hole. It has run services such as popcorn as well. You can watch any movies online, such as the latest release or old. If any film is released this morning, you can watch it in the afternoon.

Difference Between Proxy and Mirror Sites?

There is a big difference between the proxy and mirror sites of YIFY Torrents. While both proxy and mirror sites allow you to bypass internet censorship and access YIFY Torrents even if your ISP blocks access to it, only YIFY Torrent mirror sites can help you download YIFY films when YIFY Torrents ‘ official website is down.

A mirror page is simply a replica of another site that is stored on another network. Mirror sites are often created by the original site’s operators, but volunteers are operating some mirror sites. The main advantage of mirror sites, as we have already described, is that you can reach them even if the original site goes down.

The fact that they are typically behind the original site is one disadvantage of mirror sites. Let’s say a new torrent will appear on Friday at 2 p.m. at YIFY Torrents. The chances are that until Saturday, most of the YIFY Torrent mirror sites will not list the torrent, and some may take longer.

On the other hand, a proxy site is a site that acts as an intermediary for a client requesting resources from another site. You may have had a middle school crush, but you were too scared to ask the person if they liked you back. So, in your name, you’re sending out your friend to ask. That’s kind of the gist of how a server of proxies works. Proxies are great to access blocked content on the internet and avoid online censorship because of how they work.

Why use Yify torrent?

YIFY is a pseudonym of a hacker based in New Zealand who began posting torrents in 2010 to different public torrent sites. YIFY stated in an interview with TorrentFreak that its goal was to bring Hollywood movies to the masses at file sizes that were available even to those with restrictions on bandwidth or hard drive.

YTS is not the first film pirate on a mission to bring high-quality films to people that don’t take days to download. AXXo dominated the charts before YIFY entered the scene. Specializing in leaking new film DVD-quality rips, aXXo uploaded high-quality films that were less than 700 MB in size so that they could be burned to a compact disk with minimal effort.

YIFY films also stand out with the quality of their delivery in addition to excellent video quality. “I personally believe that because of the quality we deliver in our publication, many people are following and downloading YIFY encodes. All from uniform movie cover art, data style, and eventually the file size of our encodes, “YIFY said.

The age of DVD-quality rips started to end with x264, a technology library, and a video stream encoding framework, becoming increasingly popular. X264 allowed YIFY to release films at incredible file sizes in excellent 720p, 1080p, and 3D performance.

The reign of YIFY ended rather abruptly in 2015 after the MPAA shut down the official website of YIFY and signed an unprecedented settlement with the uploader, most likely involving payment of damages as well as some kind of information sharing. As is often the case, filling the gap left by the original site did not take long for the impostors. There are many copies on the internet today from the original YTS site, including the wildly popular YTS.AM site.

Best YIFY Torrents Proxies

  1. https://ytss.unblocked.to/
  2. https://yts.unblocked.ltda/
  3. https://proxyportal.ws/

Best YIFY Torrents Mirrors

  1. http://ww1.yify.rocks/
  2. http://www.yify-movies.net/

What features make YTS / YIFY movie torrents really special?

The YTS / YIFY website, as described, provides excellent quality films, mostly with HD files going around. It is also very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and it is quick and easy to upload torrent files from it.

One thing that makes it superior is the availability of HQ content in x264 encoding compared to other similar sites. This single factor ensures you always get the best quality films, which greatly enhances your experience.

Is YIFY safe for download torrents?

It is as safe as any torrenting website when it comes to downloading torrents from YIFY. This suggests that there are still the risks of misleading advertising, but that’s not the only thing you can care about.

Another big issue is the authorities who keep an eye on who is downloading content and what is being downloaded. Not to mention copyright bullies, who do the same thing and may try to send you a legal letter, or even ask for money. Alternatively, your own ISP may find you torrenting, and depending on the laws of the country, they may do anything.

They may send you a legal letter. Warning you to stop. They may notify the authorities and allow you to be treated by the law. They could also throttle your internet connection, slow it down and make use of the internet a nightmare Though most of them would deny this. They might even leave you alone at last. If the internet rules of your country are weak and underdeveloped, no one will probably care about what you access.

How to Unbloсked YTS / YIFY –  VPN & Proxy

Because those living in developing countries generally have poor internet laws, they are likely to find that they have no problem accessing YTS or YIFY. On the other hand, those who live in the United States, the EU, and other developed countries are likely to be isolated from the YTS website. If that’s the case for you, you’ll have to find a way to unblock the pages, and we’ve got to suggest a perfect tool.

We’re talking about VPNs, of course. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are special tools created to ensure your web browsing anonymity and security. There are many different versions, both charged and free, although the free versions are typically dangerous to use. We are doing a poor job and are likely to either spill the data or record it and sell it on their own.

When signing up for a free VPN, you will make sure your data is secure, your internet traffic is shielded and authenticated, and your name and location are secret. This is easy to do, as many servers around the world feature lists of VPN apps. Connecting with any of them will give you a new IP address that will connect to the server’s site, not to you as an individual user.

How to Access YIFY Torrents Anonymously?

While there is nothing inherently illegal about accessing YIFY Torrents, there are also many reasons why you may not want your website provider, employer, or government to know that you have visited the site. YIFY Torrents proxies have already been introduced as a simple way to anonymously access the site, but you also have other options.

Best YTS Torrents Alternatives

1.The Pirate Bay

One of the most visited and well-known torrenting websites in the world is the Pirate Bay, also known as TPB. It features all kinds of content, including games, from software to movies and music. You’ll find almost everything you could ever hope to find on it. Watch the proxy for the pirate bay.


This alternate YIFY Torrents are specializing in movies and television shows, providing only checked torrents from trustworthy uploaders.


We’ve got RARBG, a website for torrent search and index service. It provides P2P users with torrent files and magnet links. Torrent lovers from all corners of the world are extremely popular with the service, as it offers trustworthy torrents. The only thing with it is that it is loaded with advertisements, and some of them might be manipulative, as always on sites like these.

3. Limetorrents

lime torrent

Then we have Limetorrents, one of the oldest confirmed torrent services, particularly when it comes to films, television shows, games, anime, and the like. You can find pretty much anything on Limetorrents, as on most other torrenting websites, and all the files are part of this independent platform. You can browse the database with a search field that helps you to have advanced search options, or you can go straight to the top torrents to search through various categories.


EZTV (like 1337x) is a great alternative to YIFY and for streaming TV content it acts as a torrenting portal. It’s very easy to use, so all you need to do is enter in the search field the name of what you want to download. From the list of shows next to the search field itself, you can also choose.

5. Torlock

If you’re looking for a great website as an alternative to YIFY, you definitely should consider TorLock as it provides great content and high quality. The website has a very attractive and slick interface, and its design also enables you to see the health score of each torrent file. Thus, you can always be sure to download a secure file that has been verified by other users.


6. ruTracker


To fall in love with ruTracker, you don’t have to speak Russian. The massive semi-public torrent page has all you could hope for and maybe some stuff that you didn’t know existed.

7. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine for torrents, unlike the above-mentioned torrent sites. To find the best torrent available, you can use it to search multiple torrent sites at once.


Torrentz2.eu is an extremely simple design website, and its homepage consists almost exclusively of a search field. It’s one of the best ways to search for torrents, though, and with it, you won’t have to go from one website to another in an attempt to find what you need. Simply enter the hit name and start downloading in seconds.



NYAA.SI is another great website you can use instead of YIFY because it has all sorts of great content— all in one location. This is one of the top anime fans torrent sites. Only type in your search box what you need, and you’ll get to it instantly. It’s easy to use, with a very smooth GUI, and even if you’re torrenting for the first time, you shouldn’t have trouble navigating it.

9. Demonoid

Demonoid is one of the most popular torrenting websites, but one of the oldest still in service. Members may upload torrents on it and make them available to others, which usually makes downloads very fast, while the choice of torrent is massive.


The website had more than a quarter of a million torrents as far back as 2009, whereas over a decade ago the number of its peers exceeded several million.

10. 1337x

Confused by the 1337x name and uncertain how to pronounce it? Cast your mind back to the internet’s early days. 1337 means “leet,” a term used by hackers to refer to the “elite.” The term has been adopted over time by regular internet users.


1337x has a large database of torrent files and magnet references, which can be downloaded using BitTorrent. 1337x is a public tracker that’s what you get with a YIFY proxy, but 1337x has specific user ranks. This method is helpful to promote competition among consumers and an indication that it is easy to trust various pieces of content.
1337x proxies/mirrors:


YIFY Torrents has become popular with film releases of high quality that do not take days to download. While the person who started the site is no longer active on the scene of file sharing, many others have chosen to take his place and create clones from the original YIFY Torrents site. We listed a number of such clones in this article, as well as other torrent sites where you can find movies from YIFY.


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