Top 12 Best Alternatives to GoGoAnime to Watch Free Anime Series Online

Top 12 Best Alternatives to GoGoAnime to Watch Free Anime Series Online

GogoAnime is one of the biggest and most popular online streaming platforms for Japanese anime of high quality. This presents your favorite shows in both translated and subtitles English versions. Sadly, not all countries have GogoAnime accessible. This is due to legal issues. We do not own any of the content posted on their website. BUT this shouldn’t prevent your favorite anime series from watching. That’s why we gave you our 12 best alternatives to GogoAnime, which provide the same product and are of the highest quality as well.

How to anonymously watch GoGoAnime

Online anime streaming sites like GoGoAnime do not host on their servers any video content. Rather, they focus on a vast network of third-party content hosting providers and provide only a simple way to view anime in any modern web browser.

It protects online anime streaming sites from copyright watchdogs and law enforcement, but it does not shield you or anyone else who may want to track your internet activity. You should know how to use VPN services to mask your actual IP address if you want to watch anime without thinking about your privacy.

VPN: A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network gateway that stretches over a public internet connection, allowing you to anonymously send and receive data. Both famous VPN service providers use strong encryption to make tracking or monitoring your data difficult for anyone and do not keep any logs or other records of your online activity.

nord-vpnNordVPN is one of the most common VPN providers. Based in Panama, NordVPN delivers Windows and macOS desktop servers, as well as Android and iOS mobile apps. NordVPN has been picked by PC Magazine as the best VPN service in 2017 and you can use it with a 100% money-back guarantee for up to 30 days.

How to watch GoGoAnime anonymously using NordVPN:

  1. Go to Nord VPN website:
  2. Click the “Get NordVPN” button.
  3. Choose a plan, establish an account, and choose a method of payment. Don’t worry, in the 30-day trial period, you could tell NordVPN to reimburse you at any time — no questions asked.
  4. Download and install the NordVPN client to your device.
  5. Start the app, sign in and experience complete anonymity while you watch anime online or browse the internet.

GogoAnime’s Top12 Alternatives to High-Quality Anime Watch in 2019



KissAnime has long been one of the most popular anime pages. You’ll consider most of the anime you want to watch. What’s more, it’s all safe. You can watch it on any computer (laptop, tablet or phone) you have. Furthermore, it has to choose from a wide range of genres. Each time you visit their page, they recommend awesome, crazy anime. It also has a community forum to review favorite series and programs for passionate anime lovers. Another amazing thing about this page is that if you would like it to have amazing features for reading manga and Japanese novels.


This online anime page has the most varied genres. From the action of the western style, adventure, suspense, dorama, rather Japanese fashion, shoujo, ecchi. And that’s not all on the list of styles we have. We also provide a random feature that you can watch if you’re not sure which anime you’d like.

They have a precise description of each anime, so before you start watching, you know what it’s about. Like KissAnime, we don’t have an online forum to chat about anime, but under a specific show, you can always post.

AnimeShowtv also offers Anime and Japanese Drama to watch in addition to watching anime. And to listen to the music of awesome anime series, it includes an anime soundtrack.

3. Animeland

Whether you like the dubbed Anime, this is a website that you will quickly come to know. It is dubbed all its parts. So with what we say, you may follow up acts. You don’t have to bother trying to read the subtitles to keep up with the scenery or the film. What’s more, to watch the dubbed anime you don’t need to sign.


When a new anime comes out, it is added to the page of the New Added Anime. They’ve got a list of famous anime series, so you can figure out what you want. This page also has a forum for fans of anime to chat about the films they enjoy. There we also recommend amazing films.

4. Animestreams

Living up to its name, it helps you to turn to many channels for each anime when you have a broken link. It helps not to interrupt Anime’s flow. The website has a lot to enjoy from Anime, and it continues to grow every day. In both the subbed and dubbed versions, it is usable. It also has films as well as episodes of anime. The typical “Google” is not the URL, but a “ww2” or “ww3.” It means that the server for Animestreams is part of a larger server. Yet watching the anime won’t be an issue.

5. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is another free streaming page for your favorite shows. It includes manga, anime series, anime movies, and Asian drama, everything you want. We also have soundtracks for games to listen to your favorite anime. This feature is not available for most anime pages. What’s more, as in KissAnime, you can see this in the mobile version. And it has the same special URL as Animestreams. But that won’t affect the viewing in any way. On this page, even on your phone, you can download your favorite anime and drama in the MP4 video format.

6. AnimeUltima

This page also has a wide anime genre range. For watching your favorite shows, you don’t need to sign in. Even if you want to post on shows or receive notifications on new episodes, you will need to sign. We also have a Discord Channel to review series, ask for and give recommendations to anime lovers. There is a community where people explore the site’s useful features and ask for help if they have any problems on the site. The family is willing to give you the support you need. And if you need to sign in to comment.

7. 9anime

To watch your favorite shows, this is another great page. They make it easy to maneuver around the web. That’s how it can be as user-friendly as possible. For example, by simply clicking on the anime’s first email, their A-Z list makes it easier to find the anime you are searching for. We also have tabs that reveal the anime series that is continuing or completed. If you want a short hour or two of an anime, they also have movies. You will have to choose from a wide variety of genres.

8. Nyaa

Nyaa is a platform to get great anime, but this is a torrent search site, unlike other sites. You need to use a torrent app to scan for the anime you want and upload it before viewing it. But before you install, you don’t need to sign. Yet, without installing them, we have streaming services to watch anime. Acestream is an example of such a network. All products in subbed and dubbed formats include anime. We also provide a chat group to explore if you like to talk about anime.

9. Kawaiifu

This site provides a wide range of anime for streaming up to 1080p in HD quality. The main goal for this page is the reader speaking English. Most of the series are dubbed for this, while the others are referred to. We also provide you with the right to change servers. If one is sluggish or faulty, when recording, you can easily switch to another. We also make anime music available on the website to listen to and watch. The Ongoing Anime Schedule they put at the bottom of their page is one of the unique things about this website. It makes the audience conscious of when their favorite anime’s next episode should fall.

10. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another great place to watch the show of anime. Streaming your favorite Anime is one of the most flexible sites. It can work from your computer to your mobile phone, your play station and Foxtel Now Box on a variety of devices. The platform is also accessible for mobile devices and is compliant with as many apps and computers as you have. Unlike most other places, in the center of your show, you won’t have any annoying ads popping up. The app can be used free of charge. But if you’d like to watch any videos, you’d need to sign in or pay for premium access.

11. Anime Planet

It’s a website run by fans for fans, as described on their homepage. Another wonderful place to find your favorite Anime, Manga, is this page. They’re offering feedback on what you’re looking for. Incredibly, the platform was created by users to have access to what they enjoy for as many as love anime. It’s a very fun website, and there you can make other friends with similar interests. Although on this page you have to log in to get the most out of it all. The page is also safe. You can also build your anime collection, but to do so, you will need to sign up. We have a forum to share anime and manga reviews and address on-site problems. It’s a website run by fans for fans, as described on their homepage.

12. AnimeFreak

This is one of the popular anime streaming to-go pages. To watch your favorite show, you don’t need to sign. We give a full overview of each anime. We have details such as the category, the style. Plus the current state (whether it’s continuing or over) and you’ll be updated on the ones you’re watching. We also have a talk app to meet with other fans of anime. They also have a wide range of genres, like other pages, so you can never get bored.

Wrapping Up

Gogoanime is a great online platform to stream anime, but sometimes, due to extreme demand and repairs, the servers crash.

Gogoanime’s advertisements are quite distracting, destroying the user experience, but it’s the only way the owner can cover the network bills.

We’ve listed the best alternatives to Gogoanime in this section. In Gogoanime’s replacement, you can pick any of the websites from the list when it is either down or unavailable in your area.

I would also suggest using a powerful VPN to remain anonymous when using any of the pages mentioned in this article. Use the comment box if you are having any problems or have a request for us.


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