Top 10 upcoming smartphones 2019-20 – Future phones

Top 10 upcoming smartphones 2019-20 – Future phones

Smartphones have gone a long way, have they not? We used phones with small screens and a snail-paced web back in 1995. Smartphone technology has experienced an exponential increase after a series of cool and quick technological developments and paved the way for feature-rich devices. But what’s next in the technology of smartphones and the latest smartphones released?

New-age technologies such as the 5 G network and Artificial Intelligence add the spice needed to get excited. But what will be the fresh competition region among the giants of the smartphone company such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, etc? We have rounded up some of the upcoming smartphones in this article that could revolutionize the entire 2020 situation. Let’s immerse ourselves in without delay.

See upcoming mobile phones for 2020: Let’s start –

1. Apple iPhone XII

We all understand there was a lazy reaction to the recent iPhone XR’s LCD screen. On iPhone XII we can see a complete transition to OLED screens.
It goes without saying that iPhones of the next generation would certainly be equipped with 5 G modems. Besides that, we can expect some really great AI-based stuff. Apple is working on the new chip series they call bionic chips. These chips are designed specifically to accelerate procedures powered by AI. Apple may come up with camera characteristics that run on strong Artificial Intelligence programs, there is a wonderful chance. We can see various methods and also a custom camera app that studies aesthetic preferences by users and also adjusts camera settings.

i phone concept image

2. Xiaomi Mi 10

Seems like Xiaomi is designed to amazing latest smartphones released in 2020. According to the rumors, the Xiaomi Mi 10 may have a 6.5-inch Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.

xiaomi 10

It will be driven with 10 Gigs of RAM by Adreno 730 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. The internal storage memory onboard comes with invariants of 64/128/256 GB. A dedicated slot that accepts up to 512 GB of memory. It supports 5 G and is powered by a battery that can not be removed from 5000 mAh.

3. Google Pixel 5

Google is about to release this year’s Pixel 4 series smartphones, the phone’s renders confirm everything about the device.

representation image

But for smartphone enthusiasts, the next year 2020 will be very interesting because we’re going to witness tons of future phones including Google Pixel 5. You understand that every year technology continues to be upgraded and every year we saw the futuristic smartphones.

Pixel 5 will be the company’s very amazing tool why not? Because Google owns Android, they always implement some exclusive characteristics out of the box for their phones. The interesting portion here is that all Google devices are highly optimized that you won’t see more RAM or battery, but they optimize every smartphone part very well. So even if the paper specs look small but work better than any other smartphone on the high end.

As far as specs are concerned, there is no information on Pixel 5 on the market, but we may be witnessing a business foldable device next year and a periodic version. Because the demand for this form of a smartphone will be high until the third or fourth quarter of 2020.

4. Apple iPhone X Fold

So it’s confirmed that Apple won’t have a foldable phone in 2019, but we all understand the firm has booked a patent for its foldable device already. There are powerful rumors on the market that Apple will launch its first foldable iPhone X Fold phone in 2020.

You can look at patented pictures that show that the upcoming smartphone will be foldable.


Although there are also few true renders made by fans to life that show how precisely this instrument will be.

But there is nothing formally confirmed, now everything is on the basis of rumors. We can expect Apple to use its top-notch hardware to create it look lovely from inside and outside for the requirements. This time, the cost will be very high as Samsung’s foldable phone comes with a price tag of approx $2k, so we can expect iPhone X Fold to be priced likewise.

In the industry, folding technology is quite new, so there are still very few resources to get, which is why it is expensive.


5. Nokia 10

On the optical front, the Nokia 10 comes packed with a mixture of two backward


48MP glasses (one wide-angle–and one telephoto) offering 4-axis OIS, while on the front, users can use the 16MP snapper for selfies and other uses, which can also record 1080p videos. The rendering pictures indicate a display of approximately 6.5 inches. It will be water-resistant, dust-resistant and will come with a 4 + fast charge. Few blogs have noted that Nokia 10 is anticipated to have 5 back cameras, but once we discover the data from the genuine sources we will update this room.

6. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

In 2020, we might see quite a few nice foldable smartphones. It’s not just Motorola, it’s equipped with its second foldable phone called Galaxy Fold 2 even the South Koren tech giant Samsung. Samsung’s 2019 version of this device has already been launched and is now preparing for its next-generation phone. Google is creating an effective Android OS specifically designed for foldable interfaces that are at the heart of this sudden trend of foldable systems.

It is estimated that Samsung Galaxy F2 has a battery capacity of 6000 mAh.

galaxy fold 2

Galaxy 11 with a fully bezel-less screen and Galaxy F2 with a foldable interface, 2020 will be a really great year for Samsung phones to come.

7. Microsoft Andromeda a Foldable phone

Microsoft is now looking to try its hands again in the smartphone sector as one of the largest tech businesses in the world. Nokia is still not willing to create a suitable comeback after creating Nokia from hero to zero.

But now there are some powerful rumors that Microsoft will return from the next year 2020 with its so-called foldable device codenamed Andromeda. Sources said Microsoft has large plans for foldable technology in a study from The Verge, and this moment they might be working on a foldable device.

They are also looking for large plans to invest in this file, the firm is looking to modify its Windows platform for the foldable device, and they are also planning to create a lot of helpful in-built applications to function on foldable or dual-screens devices.

After that, we can obviously say that Mircosoft’s house has something large to cook that can be disclosed until the

microsoft fold 2020

the next year 2020 or the last quarter of 2019. You can check above Microsoft’s foldable phone’s so-called rumored renders.

8. Moto Razr V4

In 2004, Motorola Razr was launched. It has been extremely effective and has, to date, become the best-selling clamshell phone in the world. Due to the slender profile and striking appearance, over 130 million units were sold over a period of 4 years. Motorola Razr is all set to come back and it can be over $1500 priced shockingly, i.e. it will be more costly than that iPhone XS Max.

The phone may become a foldable screen. The versatile and foldable design based on OLED makes the method to clamshell easier. As per the patent pictures, the middle has a secondary screen and the bottom half of the backhand has a single-lens camera. Moto Razr is anticipated to report on all that nostalgia with excellent sales cashing. Motorola has been rumored to have signed an agreement with Verizon to distribute Razr across the U.S.

In the present scenario, we are experiencing many leaked requirements and pictures about the 2019 Moto Razr that is supposed to be the company’s first foldable phone. They will then attach an upgrade to this as Razr 2 later on.

Moto-Razr-v 4 2020

9. Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung hits the news with some amazing things all the time. The leaked patent pictures indicate that a full-bezel-less screen comes with Samsung Galaxy S11. Which is anticipated to be unveiled in 2020.

galaxy-s11 2020

Galaxy S11 will be the entirely bezel-less smartphone in the world. The interesting aspect is where the head jack or charging port would be placed by Samsung as the structure is completely bezel-less. It’s a wireless charged smartphone according to the study. Samsung Galaxy S11 will be the most interesting smartphone in 2020 with a fully bezel-less display, in-display fingerprint sensor, and in-display camera.

10. Oppo Reno 5G

Last year, Oppo wowed us with the all-screen Find X, which had a distinctive and inventive pop-up system to reveal both the front and back camera. It’s much along with the same patterns of thinking with the Reno 5 G, but with some noticeable variations.

oppo reno 5 g

While the Find X has a pop-up mechanism that pushes up the phone’s entire top edge-and the F11 Pro has a smaller, single camera pop-up the Reno 5 G is going in a completely distinct direction. It has what Oppo calls a “shark fin” pop-up, where the camera comes like action in a sort of scissor, pivoting from the right, and disappearing again when you’re done. It’s very cool and it moves rapidly and smoothly.

Summary :

We need to see how far the foldable devices of the new age are successful. Motorola certainly cashes on Razr series nostalgia and Samsung rarely does not produce. There are a few rumors that in 2020, Apple will come up with an outward foldable phone, but we need to wait until it is heard from an authoritative source. We’re going to see a significant shift from 4 G to 5 G networks in 2020. The newly unveiled Xiaomi Mi Mix 3s has a 90 percent body screen ratio and almost bezel-less. It’s the same for iPhone XS, Vivo Nex and so on.

There’s a good opportunity we can see a 100% bezel-less phone and most likely Samsung Galaxy 11 would be the first 100% bezel-less phone. The next big thing will definitely be AI. The OEMs are developing powerful AI chips that can enhance the effectiveness and safety of the battery.

In 2018, Huawei invested $10 billion in R&D and committed at least $20 billion in 2019 and 2020. Needless to say, Artificial Intelligence is the main share. We may quickly see thousands of applications on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store that will be able to use the characteristics powered by AI. We’ve already seen in Google’s Android P the glimpses of AI-powered characteristics.

In the future, the video and music experience will be more awesome as we will see enhanced screens and quality of audio on upcoming phones. It’s going to be more enjoyable to stream services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. latest smartphones released



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