How To Set Up Google Home Mini Step By Step

How To Set Up Google Home Mini Step By Step

Did you have a fresh Mini Google Home? Can’t figure out how it can be set up? Faced with trouble setting up the Google Home Mini? Well, if so, you’re in the correct location.we will guide you How To Set Up Google Home and Google Home Mini Step By Step.

First of all, what is Google home mini?

The Home Mini is a voice-controlled speaker that can be used on a Chromecast-enabled screen to play music, control smart home gadgets, answer trivia questions, add stuff to a shopping list, generate calendar appointments, or play video.

Since the market hit Google Home Mini, individuals get insane about it. It’s a mini speaker that’s super adorable. It’s an intelligent speaker, not a normal speaker. While you can only connect them to your phone or any other device through Bluetooth with otherhome mini

speakers and listen to the songs, you can do a lot in the event of Google Home Mini.

This lovely little speaker can actually communicate with Google Help and do a lot of things for you. All you have to tell is Google Hey to get it done. Recognize your noise and whatever you ask, like playing a song, getting weather information, calling an individual, controlling your smartphone, and so on.

Although this adorable mini tool gives you many characteristics, you have to do more than just connect it to your computer via Bluetooth. In fact, to connect to your device and begin working, it needs a complete setup. So, I’ve created a full step-by-step guide for the new users, who don’t understand how to set up a Google Home Mini. You can readily configure your Google Home Mini with this guide.

So, here’s the full step-by-step method that explains how to easily set up a Google Home Mini. Even though in the beginning it might feel like a little bit, but I assure you, it isn’t. In setting up the Google Home Mini, there are no complex procedures engaged. You just have to follow the measures below and you’d enjoy how simple and simple it is to set up your own Google Home Mini. So, let’s start….

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Steps To Set Up Google Home Mini at your home

  • First of all, you have to unbox your Google Home Mini and find a power adapter here already. So, in your home, plug the Google Home Mini into a socket.
  • Then switch on the Google home mini by pressing the power button in it. then it will starts.
  • You must now download the Google Home app to your smartphone
  • Start the Google Home app on your smartphone once you have effectively installed it.
  • Your app’s first screen will let you know it’s identified a device, just press the connection setup button.home mini guide
  • After that, the app will connect to your Google account automatically. The next stage is the test of sound. If Google Home Mini is linked to your Google effectively, a sound test will begin. It creates a sound and asks whether or not you heard that sound
  • Tap yes if you hear the sound, or tap the retry button.
  • You’d have to pick the location after that where you establish the device like home, office, and so on. Although it’s automatically named by Google, you can generate a fresh one by yourself or choose from the defined ones.home mini guide
  • In the next step, you’ll be asked to pick a connecting WiFi network. Choose your network Wi-Fi and continue to the next step.home mini guide
  • Once you have attached your Google Home Mini to WiFi, you must finish the configuration by pressing the “I Agree” buttonhome mini guide
  • Now you’ve got to teach Google help to recognize your voice, for the same, you’ve got to say Ok Google and then tap I Agree and that’s it.home mini guidet’s it.
  • After that, you would see a few more information like your email address so it home mini guidecould send you the weather and some other information like that. But it’s totally optional, if you want, you can skip it.
  • Next, set up your music service app like Play Music, Gaana, Saavn, and so on. Choose the one you want or skip that step too.
  • That’s everything you need to do. You’d set up your Google Home Mini effectively. You can then use this sweet and wonderful Google Home Mini to say Hey Google and enjoy yourself.

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So, you set up the Google Home Mini this way. You’ve already seen how simple a Google Home Mini is to set up. All these steps are simple and simple to follow. But in any step you will discover any trouble or doubt, then feel free to drop a remark in the comment box below.


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