TrueCaller Premium APK Download [MOD, Gold Unlock] 2020

TrueCaller Premium APK Download [MOD, Gold Unlock] 2020

Are you irritated with spammy calls and fake communications and finding means of getting rid of it? So the Truecaller Premium apk is only for you. Now, with this Truecaller Pro apk (MOD) take complete control of your incoming calls and messages.

As we said, truecaller is available free of charge on the play page, but it does have minimal functionality. We need to purchase their monthly premium membership to access all apps, which is 49 rpm for Standard Edition and  `5,000 rpm for Gold Version. But today, using truecaller mod apk, we’ll teach you how you can use a free membership. We will also provide you with the direct access page, from where you can access it quickly.

What is Truecaller

Truecaller Premium Apk
Truecaller Premium Apk

Truecaller is a mobile app that helps recognize caller Identities with incoming unwanted calls and tweets. The only feature that says who calls the phone anonymously. 

That was founded in 2009 by True Software Scandinavia AB. It’s initially released on July 1, 2009, by Blackberry, after having amazing user reaction, and later released on Android and Apple.

Truecaller is the best stock dialer option, where you can handle calls, conversations, and SMS all in one location. Yes, you don’t need to accept SMS and separate notification program. 

It is the best caller Identification and blocking technology in the world with 250 million active users getting a Community-based spam list maintained by millions of users. Now you can use truecaller to transfer money, reload your phone and pay bills using UPI with regular updates and integration of new apps.

What Is Truecaller Premium/Gold Apk

Truecaller mod apk is a revised (Cracked) version of the standard truecaller program where you get all the premium features like Who’s seen my profile, no advertisements, unrestricted call logging, and much more for free.

Any unknown android developers updated the application so that all features were unlocked so that anyone could use it without charging money.

All premium and gold apps disabled in this pro truecaller apk means you have to install the apk, so you’re ready to keep you protected from unwelcome calls so spammy tweets. 

features of truecaller

You will use the Truecaller apk to:

  • Get free premium features
  • Automatic block spam calls
  • Identify incoming caller ID
  • Make your inbox spam free
  • Enjoy who viewed my profile feature
  • Search name and details of any number
  • Unlist yourself from truecaller

Features of Truecaller Premium/Gold membership

1- Who Saw My Profile -Alert anyone when they show your Truecaller  Profile. 

2- No Advertising – Without any distracting Ad Banners, using Truecaller. 

3- Recording of call- Track phone calls. (Not operating on Android Pie & Q) 

4- Incognito Mode- Show other people’s profiles without alerting. 

truecaller premium gold

5- Premium badge- Looks professional when calling.

6- Additional Contact Requests – Sending as much as 30 requests a month.

7- Gold Caller ID- Notify you as a part of gold and get a gold badge.

Download Truecaller Premium Apk 2020

Download Truecaller Premium Apk
Download Truecaller Premium Apk
Truecaller Premium Apk
Mod Version
Offered By
Mod Features
Premium Gold Membership, Unlocked
Updated On
April 14, 2020

How To install and use Truecaller Premium Mod APK

MrEvery uploading truecaller mod apk is a straight forward process. It can be used by someone who has such technological skills. When you’re new to MrEvery for the first time you open the form, then you can read our guide.

Step 1: First, click on the ‘Return To Download Tab’ button above. You must then move to the download tab.

Step 2: Now, press the ‘Download Truecaller Premium Apk‘ button and you’re ready to import from the safest website an application. Tap on ‘Download Anyway’ and the update begins with your script. If you still have doubt then the screenshot below can be seen.

Download truecaller mod apk
Download truecaller mod apk

Step 3: Go to the file manager after that, and open the downloaded file. It might give you some warning. Only click on the ‘Settings’ option and then turn on ‘Allow from this source.’ Then, click back to open the apk file again. It will install directly this time.

install premium truecaller
install premium truecaller

If you don’t see all of this mistake, don’t worry, just install the program and you’re able to enjoy the free premium true caller.

Note: If you have some version of truecaller previously installed on your phone, then uninstall it to use mod truecaller. Then the ‘Failed to mount’ error will appear.

Some other related queries

a. How can I delete my number from truecaller servers?

The step-by-step guide for removing the number is below.

Step 1: Click on the Unlist truecaller page.
Step 2: Input the country code on your mobile phone.
Step3: Press ‘Unlist Phone Number‘ button.

Your number will be removed from the truecaller servers within 24 hours.

b. Is truecaller hack apk is safe to use?

Yeah, whatever program you download from mrevery is 100% free to use. I search each and every modded program for any vulnerabilities and viruses myself, and I upload it to our servers after passing all my tests.

Final words-

Given the higher price compared to the same genre apps, Truecaller Premium with excellent features is genuinely remarkable. To get more features, you certainly won’t need to add any other texting and calling applications. All common features are available in this program, such as call logging, blocking messages, calls, backup of contact data … You should sign up for the Truecaller Premium Gold bundle in case you also make calls for your company or just want to be popular. Readers can access the Premium Truecaller at the connection below.

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